The Establishment of the Jagannath Temple

Kabir spoke to Dharam Das:

In those days Indradaman was the king of Orissa. He was told how to make the temple. When Krishna left the body, Indradaman had a dream.

In this dream Hari told him,

"Make my temple. Establish my idol, oh King. I have come to you so that you will do this work."

After the king had this dream, he started making the temple. But when it was completed, the ocean came and inundated that place. Again, when the temple was being built, the angry ocean came. In a moment it flooded all, and broke the Temple of Jagannath. He made the temple six times and the ocean always came running to flood it. After trying many things, the king became tired. Oh brother, the temple of Krishna was not completed. Looking at this condition of the temple, I remembered my earlier promise which I had made to Kal the unjust. Bound by my oath I went there. I sat on the ocean’s shore, but no Soul recognised me. On the shore of the ocean I made a platform.

Then Indradaman had this dream:

"Oh King, now start your work. Don’t have any fear about the temple, oh King, as I have come here only for this work. Go quietly and bring the people again. Believe and obey my words.'' 

The King started working and finished the temple, looking at which the ocean came. Then again the wave of the ocean arose and came with full fury. The ocean was coming with so much anger it seemed as if the Temple of Purushottam wouldn’t survive. The furious waves were touching the sky – then the ocean came near the platform. When the ocean had my Darshan, he stopped there with much fear.

Taking the form of a Brahmin the ocean came to me. Touching my feet, he bowed his head. He didn’t get my secret.

The ocean said:

"Oh Lord, I have come here to flood the Jagannath. Forgive my sin. Now I have got Your secret.

– Oh Lord, the Gracious on the poor ones, allow me revenge on Raghupati. Folding my hands, I beseech you, oh Protector: make me a promise. When Raghubir went to Lanka, he made a bridge over the ocean and went to the battlefield. If anyone came there to stop him, the Alakh Niranjan frightened them with threats of vengeance. Lord, have mercy on me and listen to my reasons for seeking revenge."

Kabir spoke:

"Ocean, I understand the reason you seek revenge; so go and flood the town of Dwarka."

Hearing this, the ocean touched my feet, and bowing his head, went happily. The ocean’s furious waves then came and flooded the city of Dwarka. The work of building the temple was completed, and Hari was established.

Then Hari gave this dream to the priest:

"That Kabir has come from me. He made this platform on the ocean’s shore. The furious waves of the ocean came. Having the Darshan of Kabir, the ocean stopped, and in this way my temple was saved."

The priest came to the shore, and after bathing, came back into the temple. First he, the mean one, gave him his darshan and involved him in hypocrisy. I didn’t get the darshan of Hari, so I came back to my platform. Then I created some mischief, I will tell you that – I will not hide anything from you.

When the priest went to worship in the temple, this happened there: all the idols which were in the temple changed into the form of Kabir! The priest saw every idol appearing as Kabir’s form.

The Brahmin, who was offering rice and flowers, was amazed and said,

"This is not God! I won’t worship this, oh brother."

Seeing this mystery the Brahmin bowed his head,

"Oh Lord, I didn’t understand Your secret."

The priest said:

"I didn’t obey Your words, that’s why You showed this mystery to me – oh Lord, I request You, folding both my hands, to forgive my sins."

Kabir replied:

"Oh Brahmin, listen to this attentively. I’ll tell you one word. You worship the Lord, giving up thoughts and duality. The Jiva who eats illusion will become handicapped. One who eats this food and believes in untouchability, he will be hanged upside down."

Kabir continued:

After giving the knowledge of removing the illusion from that platform, I went from there. Oh Dharam Das, listen to this attentively.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Perfect Satguru, with Your Grace all my pain has gone away. Oh Lord, You have told me how You went to establish Hari. After that, where did You go, and which Souls did You liberate, and how? Tell me about the effect of the Kali Yuga and about the Souls You awakened. Describe that to me, oh Guru Dev, and tell me which Souls served You.

Hereupon Kabir answered:

Oh Dharam Das, since you have asked for this, I will tell you all without stopping.


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