5. In the Kali Yuga:
The Embodiment as Kabir (1398–1518)

Kabir said:

Now listen, my beloved Dharam Das: I will tell you what happened afterwards. The third age went, and the Kali Yuga came, so again I came to teach the Souls. When Dharam Rai saw me coming, he, Yama, became withered.

Dharam Rai said,

"Why do you give pain to me and take my food to Sach Khand? In all three ages you went into the world and ruined my ocean of this world. Sat Purush gave me the promise, so how did you liberate the Souls? If any other brother had come, I would have smashed and devoured him in a second. My power doesn’t work with you, because with your power the Souls go back to their Home. Now again you are going into the world, but no one will listen to your Shabd. I have created such karmas and illusions that no one can find a way out from them. I have created the ghost of illusion in every house and, deceiving the Souls, I am making them dance. The ghost of illusion has possessed all of them – but those who recognise you, their illusion goes away.

All humans eat flesh and drink wine, and all kinds of flesh are favourites of theirs. I have manifested my own path and all men eat flesh and drink wine. The worship of goddesses, yogis, and spirits is the illusion which the world has taken up. Binding them in many kinds of traps, I make them unconscious at their end-time. Brother, your devotion is difficult! – I am telling you that no one will believe in it."

Gyani said:

"Oh Dharam Rai, you have deceived much, and I recognise all your deceptions. Sat Purush’s promise cannot change – that is why you are devouring the Souls. If the Sat Purush would allow me, then all the Souls would become the lovers of Naam, and easily making the Souls conscious, I would liberate them. You have created millions of traps, and in the Vedas and Shastras you have written your own magnificence. If I came into the world in an unhidden form, I could liberate all the Souls. If I did this the promise would be broken. The Word of Sat Purush is unchangeable, indestructible, and precious. The Souls who have good attributes in them will accept my Shabd. I will liberate all such Souls and cutting their bonds, I will take them to Sach Khand. Those whose illusion I will finish will not come into your traps again. 


Making them firm in the True Shabd, I will break all their illusions. And making them recognise your deceptions, by the Power of Naam I will liberate them all. Those who recognise me and my True Words in their mind, and will focus on the One, such Souls will keep their feet on your head and will come to the Immortal Plane.

– Any wise brave Soul who defeats Kal will end your pride. Such Souls will recognise the sign of the True Shabd very happily."

Dharam Rai said,

"Oh giver of happiness to the Souls, explain one thing to me. Kal cannot go near the Soul who puts her attention on you. My messenger does not get him, and after failing, he returns to me. Oh my brother, I can’t understand this. Explain the secret to me."

Gyani said:

"Oh Dharam Rai, whatever you have asked me, I will tell you. Listen to the signs of Truth. The True Shabd is the Liberator. The Naam of Sat Purush is the hidden authority which I manifest within the Souls in the form of Sat Naam. The Souls who accept my Naam cross the ocean of the world. When a Soul of mine takes my Naam, the strength of your messenger decreases."

Dharam Rai said,

"Listen to me, all-conscious one – now shower grace on me, oh Lord. What will your name be in this age? Don’t hide that from me. Tell me the secret sign of yours, and tell me about the practice of contemplation. Why are you going into the world? Tell me the secrets of that one by one. I will also awaken the Souls in the Shabd and will send them to Sat Purush’s Lok. Make me your servant, and – oh Lord – tell me the essence of Shabd!"

Gyani said:

"Oh Dharam Rai! How deceitful you are! On the surface you say that you are my servant, and within you is only deception. I will not give you the hidden secret, as Sat Purush has not ordered me to do so. In the Kali Yuga my name will be Kabir, and by saying 'Kabir' the Soul can be sure that Yama will not come near."

Dharam Rai said,

"You are hiding something from me and so I myself will play a trick. With my intellect I will create such a deception that will make many Souls come with me. In your name I will establish a path, and in this way I’ll deceive the Souls."

Gyani said:

"Oh Kal, you are so hostile towards Sat Purush! What are you telling me about deceptions? Your deception will not do anything to the Soul who will love Shabd. The connoisseur’s Soul will recognise me and will discriminate my words of knowledge from the scriptures. I will make the Souls whom I initiate recognise your deceptions."

Kabir continued to tell Dharam Das:

Hearing this, Dharam Rai became quiet, and disappeared, going to his home. Oh Dharam Das, Kal’s creation is very complicated. He puts the Soul in the trap after deceiving them.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, explain to me what happened afterwards.


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