The Narration of Supach Sudarshan

There used to live a supach whose name was Sudarshan. I made him firm in the Sat Shabd. He was a wise and beautiful Saint who recognised the Shabd after discrimination, and united with It. He accepted my words firmly, and believing in them, his attachments were severed. I gave him the drink of Naam, the message of liberation, and finished all his suffering from Kal. I gave him the Shabd Dhyan and made him firm in It, and he happily did the Simran of Naam with all his attention. Wholeheartedly he did the devotion of the Satguru, leaving all deceptions and cleverness. His father and mother became very happy and in their hearts they had great love for him.

Oh Dharam Das, this world is darkness. Without the knowledge, the Jiva becomes the servant of Yama. Looking at the devotion the Jiva becomes happy, but she doesn’t take my Naam. The foolish one doesn’t recognise me even after seeing me, and he falls into the complicated snare of Kal. As the dog absorbs himself in the impure things, in the same way, the people of the world leave the Nectar and merge into the poison.

King Yudishtra was a king in the third age who performed the Yajna. Killing his brothers, he was disgraced, so he thought of performing the Yajna. When they got permission from Krishna, the Pandavas brought what was needed. All the material for the Yajna was brought and all the Sadhus from near and far were called.

Krishna told the Pandavas,

"Understand that your Yajna is completed when you hear the bell in the sky. Then you’ll get the complete fruit of the Yajna."

All the Sanyasis, Vairagis, Brahmins and Brahmacharis came. Different types of food were made, and with great love they were all fed. They all got the food as expected but the bell didn’t sound, and the King was embarrassed. When the bell did not sound in the sky the King was amazed, and his senses left him. All the great rishis ate, but still the bell didn’t sound, and the King became confused. Then the Pandavas went to Krishna and asked him about the doubts in their minds.

Yudishtra said:

"Having mercy on us, tell us, oh Yaduraja, why the bell did not ring."

Krishna told them this reason:

"One Sadhu did not eat the food."

The Pandavas were surprised and said,

"Millions of sadhus ate the food. Now, oh Lord, where we can find the Sadhu who did not eat? Tell us, oh Yadunata."

Krishna said:

"Bring Supach Sudarshan, and feed him with respect. He is the only Sadhu – nobody else is. Your Yajna will be completed only by him."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

When they got these orders from Krishna, the Pandavas went to him. They brought Supach Sudarshan, and fed him with respect and love. When he ate in the palace of the king, the bell rang in the sky. When the devotee, Supach, took a morsel the bell rang with the Glory of Naam. Still, they didn’t recognise the Satguru’s Word, as their intellect had been sold in the market of Kal. Kal troubles even his own devotee-Souls. He devours those who are devoted to him and those who are not. First Krishna advised the Pandavas and made them the killers of the brothers. Then he blamed the Pandavas, and to remove the blame, he made them perform the Yajna. Even after that he gave them pain. Sending them to the Himalayas he caused their decay. Four brothers and Draupadi were destroyed: Yudishtra was saved because of his truth. No one was as dear as Arjuna, but he also was treated like this.

Bali Hari Chandra and Karan were great donors, but Kal ruined them also. The senseless Souls hope for him. Forgetting the husband, they go to the one who eats them. Kal shows them many tricks and then puts the Souls in a miserable condition. The Souls hope for him, understanding him as their liberator, and because of that hope, they go into the mouth of Kal.

Kal makes everybody dance – neither devotees nor non-devotees escape from him. They don’t search for the One Who is the Protector, and without recognising it, they go into the mouth of Yama. Again and again I explained the Spiritual Path and cautioned the Souls. But Yama has taken everyone’s intellect, and creating a snare, he has trapped all the Souls. No one tests the Shabd, and supporting Yama, they fight with me. Until one meets the Sat Purush’s Naam, the pain of births and deaths do not finish. Because of the Glory of Sat Purush, they go to Purush, otherwise Kal devours them by means of the false Naam. When they get the initiation into the Naam of Sat Purush, defeating Kal, they go to the Immortal Home.


Oh Dharam Das! The Souls go to Sach Khand because of the Glory of Sat Naam. Their pain of birth and death is finished, and they don’t come into this world again. When the Souls see the form of Sat Purush they become happy. All the Souls are excited then, just as the lily blooms looking at the moon.

– As the lily becomes happy gazing at the moon in the night, in the same way the Souls become happy by having the Darshan of Sat Purush. They do not become sad; they remain forever in a state of happiness. The Souls are always happy and not even for one moment do they have sorrow, attachment and sufferings. When Sudarshan’s give and take was over I took that brave one to Sach Khand. He saw the beauty and Glory and he was excited being with the other Hansas. He received the beauty of sixteen suns, and having the Darshan of Sat Purush, he became One with the other Hansas.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, I have one request for You, my Husband, Kabir the Liberator. After sending the devotee, Sudarshan, to Sach Khand, where did You go, oh Lord? Oh Satguru tell me that, so that hearing Your Nectar-filled words, my suspicions may go away.



Supach: Low-caste man: undesirable.

As a dog absorbes himself in the impure things: Dogs are the accumulation of all evil.

An initiate, E. W., a member of the management of the organisation U. o. M. had a big black dog. She often behaved like the dog itself.

– In such cases the following laws are valid: 'Like attracts like' and 'As you think so you become.' Just think of King Bharat, popular in Indian history, who took care of a deer which he loved and who was reborn as a deer.

By transporting all junk inwards, she tried to justify her consciously made false statements in front of Kirpal. Each time when she tried that Dr. Harbhajan had to appear and to bow.

Such forms of behaviour have no bearing on discipleship and they are not conducive at all, because they have the tendency that one begins to represent a path of Kal.

It is not surprising that people similar to the woman mentioned above – who have left the Path of Naam long ago and attract all evil under the smoke screen of spirituality – are members of the management of such an organisation.

Nobody can rise above his characteristic traits that result from his past births nor can others change him. Only the communion with Naam makes it possible.

Yajna: Vedic ritual. (See the illustration 'Yajna' in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.')

Killing his brothers: In the Mahabharata War, Yudishtra was the Pandava King and rightful heir to the throne of India, but he and his four brothers – and their common wife Draupadi – were deprived of their inheritance by their cousins, the Kauravas. It is the Kauravas and other family members that Yudishtra killed, not his literal brothers: the word is used in a wide sense to describe 'kinsmen.'

Bell in the sky: The Sound Current or Naam; 'sky' means the astral plane or akash. The bell sound is the principal manifestation of the Sound Current at the astral level. This sound makes the Soul God-intoxicated.

It is reported that, after Prophet Mohammed had practised the connection with 'Awaz-i-mustqim' – Sound Current – for 15 years in the cave of Hira, the archangel Dschibril – Transmitter of Divine Wisdom, also known as Gabriel – gradually assumed sound, shape and form, originating in the reverberation of bells. Thus, the Koran was dictated to Him.

Krishna advised the Pandavas: Krishna was the guru, or spiritual guide of the Pandavas, and he definitely encouraged them to wage the Mahabharata War, as the Bhagavad-Gita makes clear. Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu, the son of Kal and Adhya – Durga –, and thus, just as Rama, an incarnation of the Negative Power, misleading the Souls while pretending to save them.

Neither devotees nor non-devotees escape from him: Atheists as well as believers are lost if they do not receive Naam.

Again and again I explained the Spiritual Path: Kabir analogously said elsewhere:

Now I had come in four yugas to tell you the Truth but still you have doubts in your hearts.

No one tests the Shabd: All people who do not test the True Shabd are in fact always fighting against Truth. Actually everything that is called an expression of one’s own personality is nothing else but such a fight.

The Wheel of Life is not finished for a Soul until she receives Naam and accepts It.

(See also the subtitle 'Why the eighty-four lakhs births were made?' in the subchapter 'Recognition of the Soul, who comes from the human Body into the human Body' and the continuous text 'Kal creates a snare' in the subchapter 'Kal traps the Jivas'.)

In the same way the Souls become happy: The Souls who have grasped Sat Naam are the True Family.

Question to Kirpal Singh:

Is one supposed to drop all routine to take care of Satsangis who literally drop out of the sky, descend upon bag and baggage with no funds to support themselves, disrupt all family chores, daily routines, expecting you to come through with living quarters and entertain them?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

The initiates are joined in a True Relation which never breaks and forms part of the Family of the Master. They are truly brothers and sisters in God. The initiates should extend all feasible help, financial or otherwise, to them while not ignoring their own families. They should try to let them be on their own legs for their sustenance. Their self should also expand to all others who are on the Way.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part I:
I. Social Conduct and Ethical Life,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974