The Salvation of King Chandra Vijay, Indra Mati’s Husband, because of her Request

Folding both her hands Indra Mati said,

"Oh Lord, I have one request. I got Your feet because of my good fortune, and came here and had the Darshan of Sat Purush. My body is now very beautiful, but within me now resides one worry. I am controlled by attachment as the king is my husband. Oh Husband of Souls, go and bring him! – otherwise my king will go in the mouth of Kal."

Gyani said,

"Clever Soul! The king doesn’t have the passport. Now you have got the form of Hansa, why are you calling the king? He has not done the devotion; he has wandered in the world without the Truth."

"Oh Lord, living in the world I did Your devotion in many ways. The king knew my devotion, and he, the wise one, never stopped me from doing it. The nature of the world is very difficult. If, leaving the husband, the wife goes to another place, all the world calls her by obscene names, hearing which, the husband kills her. The work of the king involves much name and fame, hypocrisy, anger and cleverness – but when I used to serve the Sadhus and Saints, the king was not afraid of anybody. Whenever I served the Saints, the king would become happy upon hearing that. If the king had not allowed me to do the devotion then, oh Lord, how would my work have been done?


I was the beloved one of the king and he never stopped me. Daily I served the Sadhus to get the Path of Shabd. If the king had forbidden me, how would I have reached Your feet? I would not have got the drink of Naam, so how would my work have been done?

– Great is the wise king. Bring his Soul. You are the Master – the Abode of Mercy – please cut the bonds of the king."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Hearing this, Gyani laughed, and without delay he started. Very soon he came to Garh Giri Nar, as the king’s time of death was drawing near. He was surrounded by Yamraj, who was giving him much pain. The King was in deep trouble. Coming there, the Satguru called him, but Yamraj didn’t leave the king. Oh brother, this is what happens without the devotion: when the time is completed, Yama greatly troubles the Soul. Quickly I caught the hand of Chandra Vijay and came to Sach Khand. Seeing the king, the Queen came near him and touched his feet.

Indra Mati said,

"Listen, King. Recognise me – I am your wife."

The King said,

"Listen, wise Soul! Your beauty is like sixteen moons and suns. Every single part of you is shining. How can I call you my wife? You did the devotion very well and saved me also. Hail to the Master, Who made you determined in devotion. And with your devotion I have reached my Real Home. For numerous births I did good deeds, and so I obtained a wife of good karma.

I kept my mind in the affairs of the kingdom, and couldn’t achieve the devotion of the Satguru. If you had not been my wife I would have gone to hell. I cannot describe your (good) attributes. Hail to the Great Master for such a woman as I got! As I got a wife like you, may all the world get such a wife."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Hearing these words the Gyani laughed, and then spoke to Chandra Vijay:

"Listen, King, you are a wise one. The Soul who accepts my Shabd comes to the court of Sat Purush, and never sees the world again. The men and women who obey me, take up the form of the Hansa."

The king contemplated on the form and had the Darshan of Sat Purush, and taking on the form of the Hansa, he became very beautiful. The king got the beauty of sixteen suns with the beauty of the moon’s light.

Dharam Das said:


Dharam Das makes this request: tell me more about the Souls in the yugas. Great is Your Naam, oh Lord, by which the king got established in Sach Khand. Even though the king had not accepted the Truth, Your devotion took him there. Because of the Glory of the devotion of his wife, You took the King away from Yamraj.

– Great is the wisdom of the woman who called her husband there! His coming and going was finished, and he didn’t come again in the world.

Oh Lord, what did You do after that? Tell me that story, oh Competent One. How did You come again in the ocean of the world? Tell me that, oh Lord of the Souls.

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Oh Dharam Das, when I came into the world I took the husband of the Queen to Sach Khand. Leaving him there, I came immediately into the world again: I came into the city of Kashi. Giving the Naam to Sudarshan Supach, I woke him up.



Go and bring him: In the case of a married couple, it is very rare that both are initiated. But, if one of them has the connection, the other one gets the same Mercy in the same degree as he/she has love for the partner. So, everybody who has a marriage partner who seriously practises Naam can be happy to have such a partner.

Master takes care of and extends protection for all who are dear and near to the disciple and looks after their best interests.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part II,
III. Guru: His Need and Functions,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The relatives of initiated persons do get help from the Master-Power in proportion to the Love that the initiates have for the Master and their relatives have for the initiates. Even the souls that have left the physical plane get feasible help in the manner indicated above.

Excerpts from Letters from Kirpal Singh (1894–1974)
to His Initiates in the New York City Area –
I. Chastity, Marriage and Family Life

[…] It may furthermore be understood that the near and dear relations of the sincere initiates are granted feasible protection in the beyond, even if they had left much earlier before they took initiation.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part I: V. Prayer,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

(See also the subsection 'One more generation' in the illustration to 'Kal traps the Jivas'.)

The work of the King involves much name and fame: This applies also for today’s politicians. At initiation, they get only Light but not the Sound because they cannot help but being the doers.

Yamraj: The king of death, one of the aspects of Kal. (See  the subsection 'Yamraj' in the illustration to 'The Narration of Queen Indra Mati.')