The Narration of Queen Indra Mati

Then I came to Garh Giri Nar where King Chandra Vijay used to live. In his home was an intelligent queen who worshipped the sadhus, understanding their glory. Standing on the roof, she used to look for sadhus: for the Darshan of Saints she was wasting away. I knew the love which the Queen had, so I started on the road to her house. When the Queen saw me, she said to her servant,

"Go quickly to the road and bring the Sadhu Who is there."

The servant came and clung to my feet, and told me the words of the Queen. 

The servant said,

"My Queen has the desire to have Your Darshan, and sends this message: 'Give me Thy Darshan, oh Din Dayal, with Your Darshan all my pain will go away.' "

Then Gyani said these words:

"I don’t go to the houses of kings and emperors. The work of a kingdom is to give name and fame. I am a Sadhu and will not go to a king’s house."

The servant came back to the Queen, and folding her hands she said,

"The Sadhu doesn’t come at my request. He says He doesn’t go to the homes of kings and emperors."

Hearing this, Indra Mati got up and came running to me, and bowed down and saluted me.

Indra Mati said:

"Oh Lord, shower Grace on me. Now please place Your feet in my house."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Looking at her Love, I came to her house. Then I stepped into the King’s palace. As the Queen had said, "Come to my home. Your Darshan has made me happy." So looking at her love I went to her home. I was given a throne, and she washed my feet.

She gave me a throne to sit on and washed my feet, and she gave me a towel to wipe off my feet. Again she washed my feet and drank the water. Wiping my feet, she understood her life as a blessed one.

Then she asked permission for food:

"Oh Lord, make me happy. When Your left-over food remains in my house, I will eat that blessed Parshad."

Karunamai said:

"Listen, oh Queen, I don’t have any appetite, as only those who are involved with the five elements have this. My food is the Nectar of Naam. Listen, oh Queen, I will tell you in brief: my body is different from the bodies with elements and gunas. Elements and prakritis are the creation of Kal. Kal made eighty-five kinds of vital airs and made the perishable body of five elements. In that body there is one original 'vital air,' which is called the Soul, Sohang. The Soul is of the essence of Sat Purush, and Kal stops her by involving her in doubts. He has trapped the Souls in many traps. Giving her greed, Kal entangled her in it. I have come into this world to liberate the Souls, and I liberate those who recognise me. Dharam Rai has played such tricks! He has deceived the Souls in many ways. Kal created the artificial water and air, and when they finish, the Soul’s condition becomes very bad. My body is different from these things, as my body is not made by Kal. Limitless Shabd is my body – understand this. I have explained it to you in brief."

Kabir told Dharam Das furthermore:

Hearing these words she became surprised. Then the Queen spoke these words:

"Oh Lord, I am amazed! There is no one else of this nature."

Coming fully into my refuge, Indra Mati said,

"Oh Abode of Grace, shower Grace on me. One by one explain to me all this mystery. There is no one equal to Vishnu, not even munis like Mahesh and Brahma. This perishable body is made of five elements. The intelligent people are no exception.

– Oh Lord, how did You become different from them? Quench my thirst, giving me Your recognition. Oh Lord, I am surprised as there is no one else like this! Who are You and from where have You come? Oh Lord, from where did You get this worryless body? Oh Gurudeva, what is Your name? Explain all these mysteries to me. I don’t know Your secrets, that is why I’m asking You in this way."

Karunamai said:

"Oh Indra Mati, listen to the beautiful story, and I will explain to you the Holy Qualities. My land is different from the three worlds. Yama doesn’t exist there. That is the land of the Original Person. That beautiful land is Sach Khand. It can be reached only after accepting the True Naam. Purush’s body is a marvelous Light; the beauty of the Soul is very charming there. The Glory of Purush is so much – what example can I give from this world? There is nothing in these three worlds which can be given as an example. The moon and sun are in this plane, and there is no other thing as radiant as they are here. In Sach Khand it is such that even one cell of that place can make crores of moons feel shy! When the beauty of one cell of it is such, then how can I describe the beauty of His face? The Purush is lustrous and radiant. Now I will tell you about the beauty of the Souls. One Soul’s light is equal to the radiance of sixteen suns. The Souls remain satisfied there with Agar Vasna. There the night never comes. There the Light of Sat Purush’s body always remains. What to say? There is nothing else. Blessed is the Soul who reaches there. I have come from that plane, my name is Karunamai. I’ll tell you the words of the home of happiness. I came in Sat Yuga, Treta and now Dwapar too. In all ages I have come. Those Souls who awaken, I send them to Sach Khand."

Indra Mati said:

"Oh Lord, You came in other ages. What were Your names in those ages?"

Karunamai said:

"In Sat Yuga I was called Sat Sukrit. In Treta my name was Maninder. In all ages I had one or another name. I sent those who recognised me to Sach Khand."

Kabir continued:

Oh Dharam Das, I explained everything to her and told her the story of the first and second ages – hearing which, she became more eager and asked many other things. She asked about the beginning and end of creation, and about the character of Yama – which I explained to her. I told her how the sixteen sons were born; how Kurma’s stomach was torn and the Goddess was created – I explained all that to her. I told her how Kal swallowed Ashtangi and then took her out; and how the earth and sky were created. I told her how the three sons churned the ocean. I told her the ways in which Kal had deceived the Souls. Hearing all this, her previous illusion ran away. Becoming happy in Love, she caught my feet.

Impatiently she folded her hands and said,

"Oh Lord, save me from Yama. I sacrifice this whole kingdom to You, and will give up all this wealth and property. Merciful God, take me into Your refuge! Cut my chains and make me happy!"

Karunamai said:

"Oh Indra Mati, listen to my words. Surely I’ll cut your chains. Recognise me and be determined in the faith. Now I’ll give you the Naam, the authority. Perform arti and take Naam, then Yama will go very far away. Recognise me and have faith in me; take Naam and cross the ocean of life. Bring what is needed for performing arti. I have nothing to do with your kingdom. I don’t like wealth and property, I have come into this world to awaken Souls. You have brought this wealth here – respect the Saints in a good way. All the Souls are of the Lord Sat Purush, but as they are compelled by attachment, they are in darkness. The essence of Sat Purush resides within everyone, but it is not manifested; it remains hidden.


All the Souls are of Sat Purush, but because of attachment and illusion, they have become another’s. All this is the trick of Yamraj. In the world the snare of illusion is primary. Being controlled by Kal, Souls fight with me; and being controlled by attachment, they do not recognise me. Leaving Nectar, they love poison; leaving ghee, they drink water.

– Rare are the Souls who recognise me after testing Shabd! They run and meet their Beloved and give up the support of Kal."

Hearing the words of security, Indra Mati spoke very sweetly:

"You have given happiness to me – the lonely one – and with Your Grace I have recognised the fathomless Lord. Oh Lord, now I’ve recognised You! – surely You are Sat Purush. Sat Purush, Who has created the planes, has graciously showered Grace on me. In my heart I’ve believed that no one else is greater than You. Now oh Lord, tell me about arti whatever is needed tell me."

Kabir spoke:

Oh Dharam Das, I told her as I had told Khemsari:

"Perform chauka and get ready. Then I will give you my Naam."

Then the Queen brought what was needed, and sitting on the chauka she became determined to accept Shabd. Performing the arti she was given the passport. Then she received the Dhyan of Purush, His Simran and Naam. Thus the Queen received Naam, and, after bowing her head, she got up.

Then the Queen explained to the King, 

"Oh Lord, you will not get such an opportunity again. Accept His refuge if you want liberation. Believe my word!"

King Chandra Vijay said:

"Oh Queen, you are my wife. Our devotion cannot be separated. I’ll see your devotion – how you will make me liberated. I’ll see the glory of your devotion – how I will get to Sach Khand, ending all the pain."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Again the Queen came to me. I told her the character of Kal.

When she came, I told her these words:

"Listen Queen, to my one word. Kal plays tricks and deceives. Kal will become a snake and will come to you. He will bite you – I am telling you. I’ve made you my disciple. Knowing this, Kal Takshak will bite you. So I will make you remember the Simran, doing which Kal’s poison will go away. I have given you the Supreme Shabd, so Kal’s poison will not spread in you. Then again Yama will play another deception – I am telling you the character of that also. Playing this deception, Yama will come near you – I am telling you this secret too. He will disguise himself as the high Soul and will explain the knowledge to you as if he were me. He will tell you 'Oh Queen, recognise me. My name is Gyani and I’m the destroyer of Kal.' In this way Kal will come to deceive you – but I will tell you how to recognise him: Kal’s forehead is narrow – I am telling you about the eyes of Kal. I have told you about the identification of Kal – all of his body is white."

Then the Queen hurriedly came and caught my feet and requested,

"Oh Lord, take me to Sach Khand. This is the land of Yama! Take me to Sach Khand so that all my problems may come to an end. This is the place of Kal, oh Lord! Take me to the Limitless Plane."

Then I told the Queen,

"Listen to my words attentively. Now your connection with Yama has broken, and your illusion is gone as you’ve been given the knowledge. Day and night repeat the Naam of mine, and what evil can Kal do? Keep yourself connected to Naam until your destiny is completed.


Day and night repeat my Naam, and you will be in remembrance whenever Kal would deceive you; until the destiny is settled, the Soul cannot permanently go. Look at the great creation of Kal – he comes as an elephant in this world. But looking at the tiger, the elephant becomes afraid and doesn’t come before him again.

– Kal is like that elephant. The Glory of Sat Purush is the tiger. Always keep the shield of Naam. The sword of Kal will not prevail against it."

Indra Mati said:

"Oh Lord, I understand what You are saying. I take Your words to my heart. I request one thing of You, oh Swami, as You are the All-Conscious Lord. Kal will harass me as a snake, and then he will come in the form of a high Soul: oh Lord, please come again to me, and then take my Soul to Sach Kand!"

Gyani said,

"Listen, oh Queen. I am telling you one thing clearly. Kal will come with many tricks. Don’t give him allegiance – looking at me, Kal will run away. After him I’ll come to you, and I will make your Soul reach Sach Khand. I have given you the Shabd. Day and night repeat It attentively."

Kabir told Dharam Das furthermore:

After saying this much I disappeared. Then Kal came in the form of Takshak. Takshak came in the palace, and sat on the bed of the Queen. When half the night had passed, the Queen got up after serving the King. She bowed her head to the King and came to her palace. When she lay down on the bed, the snake bit her on the forehead.

Then Indra Mati called like this:

"Takshak has bitten me!"

Hearing this, the King was afraid and hurriedly came to her, calling the poison remover.

The King said,

"If you can keep my beloved alive, and the poison of the Takshak goes away, I will give you a small kingdom."

The Queen was repeating the Holy Shabd and she kept her attention towards the Lord.

The doctors and poison removers were dismissed, as she said,

"The Lord of all mankind is not far away. My Satguru has given me a Simran. The poison will not affect me, just as the darkness goes away as soon as the light of the sun comes."

She said,

"My Master is great!"

She got up, seeing which the King became very happy.

Yam Doot went to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh:

He said,

"The power of the poison didn’t act. It ran away because of the wall of the Glory of Naam."

Vishnu said,

"Listen, Yam Doot: make your body white. Deceive the Queen and bring her. Obey my words."

The messenger made his whole body white, and with much enthusiasm, he went to the Queen.

He spoke these words to her.

"Why have you become sad, oh Queen? You know me! – Why have you become the one who doesn’t recognise? I gave you initiation and the Simran. Oh Queen, my name is Gyani. I will kill and smash Kal. When Kal came as Takshak to devour you, I came and saved you. Leave the bed and touch my feet. Give up your ego. Now I come to take you and to give you the Darshan of God."

Then Indra Mati looked for the signs as her Lord had told her. She became surprised looking at the three lines, which were yellow, white and red in colour. Noticing his narrow forehead, she looked at that again, and her doubts were confirmed.

She said,

"Doot, go back to your country, as now I have recognised your form. Even if the crow puts on a lot of make-up, how can he have the beauty of the Hansa? So I have seen your form; my Master is competent."

Hearing this, the messenger became angry and told Indra Mati:

"Again and again I am explaining to you, but you don’t understand – your intellect has run away!"

Saying these words he came near Indra Mati and slapped her. He slapped her face, and the Queen fell down on the ground. Then Indra Mati did Simran and said,

"Oh Master, Gyani, help me! In many ways Kal has harassed me. Oh Lord, cut the noose of Yama!"

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

I couldn’t stay away after hearing her call: listen, Dharam Das, this is my nature. When the Queen called me, in one moment I was there. Seeing me, she became happy and from her mind the fear of Kal ran away. When I came there, Kal went away and the Queen’s body was purified.

Then Indra Mati, folding her hands, said,

"Oh God, listen to one request of mine: now I have recognised the shadow of Yama, and I will not live in this country anymore. Oh Lord, take me to my own country, as here there are many sufferings of Kal."

After saying this, she became sad and said,

"Take me to the Sat Purush right now!"

Kabir continued to tell Dharam Das:

First of all I took the Queen with me and finished the subject of the difficult Kal. Right then her destiny karma was paid off, and then I went to Sach Khand, taking the Queen. I took her to Mansarovar, which filled her with amazement. I made her taste the Nectar from the Pool of Amrit, then I put her feet in the Kabir Sagar. Beyond that is the Ocean of the Surat. Reaching there, the Queen became pure.

When I made her stand at the door of Sach Khand, the Queen became very happy looking at it. The Souls came and embraced her, sang the welcome song and performed the arti.

All the Souls honoured her and said:

"You are a blessed Soul who has realised the Satguru. It is good that you are free from the snare of Kal, and all your pain and suffering is over. Soul, come with us, have the Darshan of Sat Purush, and bow your head to Him. Indra Mati, come with us and have the Darshan of Sat Purush."

Indra Mati joined the other Souls and, in excitement, sang the happy song. All the Souls are walking and praying for the Darshan of Sat Purush.

Then I requested Sat Purush,

"Now give Your Darshan to the Souls who have come near. Give them Your Darshan, oh Din Dayal. Be gracious on them, oh Liberator."

Then the flower bloomed and these words were heard:

"Listen, oh Gyani, Yog Santayan! Bring the Souls and make them have Darshan."


Gyani then came near the Souls and took all of them. The Souls became beautiful after having the Darshan of Sat Purush. After bowing down, all of them put their attention on Sat Purush. Then He gave some fruit of Nectar which was received by all the Souls.

– Just as the lotus blooms after getting the light of the sun, in the same way the sufferings of the Souls from ages and ages are finished after having the Darshan of Sat Purush.


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