4. In the Dwapar Yuga:
The Embodiment as Karunamai

After the Treta Yuga came the Dwapar Yuga and again the Souls were attacked by the Negative Power.

When the Dwapar Yuga came, Sat Purush called.

Sat Purush said:

"Oh Gyani, go in the world soon, and save the Souls from Yama. Kal is giving pain to the Souls. Go and cut their chains. Finish Kal and bring the Souls back. Why should they go into the world again and again?"

Then I said these words to Sat Purush,

"Order me, oh Shabd Parwani."

The Purush said,

"Listen, Yoga Santryan, liberate the Souls by making them realise Shabd. If this time Kal behaves unjustly, my son, chase him out with my Word. The Souls are entrapped in Kal’s noose. Use any means but bring them back to the Supreme Ecstasy. All the Souls will take refuge when Kal’s character becomes known to them. They don’t know how to recognise good knowledge and our advice. They don’t know how to look at things. 

Go into the world and manifest the Sehaj Way there. Liberate the Souls by manifesting yourself there. The Souls who accept you will achieve me. Yama will not eat those who believe in you. Go and take out the Souls. You have my Glory on you. There is no difference between you and me – just as the wave of water ends inert in the ocean. Those who understand you and me as two different things – Yama will make his place in their heart. Go quickly to the world and make Souls cross the ocean of the world."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Bowing his head Gyani started, and with Purush’s orders came into the world. When the Sound of Purush started resounding in the world, oh Dharam Das, evil touched my feet.

Coming into my refuge, Dharam Rai questioned me in many ways:

"Why are you coming to the world this time? Give me some knowledge of it. I beg you: do not wake up all the world! You are my elder brother, I am your younger. I fall at your feet."

Gyani said:

– "Listen to this, oh Dharam Rai. Rare are the Souls who will recognise me. No one believes in Shabd, as you have deceived the Souls so cleverly."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Saying that I put my feet on the mortal world and once again called out the words of the Spiritual Way. I left the body of Sach Khand and came into the human body. I came into the mortal world and called the Sat Shabd for the Souls. When I came in Dwapar Yuga, I bore the name Karunamai. No one listened to my call, as they were tied by Kal in the chains of great illusion.



Dwapar Yuga: The third or Copper Age. They say, that in this age, people had a lifespan of up to one thousand years (Source: Talk given by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974, in Tustin, California, on 18th December 1963, published under the title 'No new faith, mind that' in the December 1976 issue of Sat Sandesh). At its end Vishnu incarnated as Lord Krishna, and he misled the Pandava brothers, which resulted in the awful Mahabharata War –  ca. 3200 B. C.

Sehaj Way:

Naam helps a spirit in the attainment of Sehaj – a state of perfect equipoise beyond the realm of the three Gunas: Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik; i.e., equanimity, action, and inertia respectively.

It is a state not subject to decay and disintegration.

Naam or Word (Fourth Edition, 1981) – Book I: I. / (xv)
The Path of Naam leads to Sehaj State,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

As Sehaj – sometimes also written 'Sahaj' – means effortless, too, the term Sehaj Way connotes: the natural or – relatively – easy way. The Yoga of the Masters is often called Sehaj Yoga, especially when it is compared to Hatha Yoga or pranayam practices.

I put my feet on the mortal world: When a Master or a Gurumukh reflects Shabd within Himself, Shabd is called for the Souls.

This shall be the Spiritual Revolution at the end of the ages that is not at all an outer event. In fact an Inner Awakening of humanity shall arise, evoked by the radiation of all the people who have been connected with Naam – if they live in the right way.

(See also the subchapter 'The Ignominy for the Path of the Saints' at the end of the book.)

I proclaimed the words of the Spiritual Path: That means to proclaim the teaching by means of Varan Atmak – spoken words – while resting in Dhun Atmak – Shabd or the Sound Current.