The Narration of Madhukar


After insulting Ravana I came to Avadh Nagar. On the way I met Madhukar the Brahmin, who had my Darshan. He met me by touching my feet, and bowed his head to me in dependence. He requested me to come to his home. In many ways he showed his humility.

– That poor Brahmin absorbed the knowledge within and loved me very much. He accepted the nectar-like knowledge of Shabd cheerfully. I found him completely in my refuge so I told him to realise the knowledge. I gave him the message of Sat Purush, hearing which he became very happy. As the sprouts burn up without water but flourish again when they get enough – as those sprouts become happy when they finally get soaked – in the same way Madhukar became happy when he got Shabd.

Hearing about Sat Purush, he happily said,

"Oh Saint, make me see Sach Khand."

Maninder said:

"Come! I will show you Sat Lok, and will bring you back after making you see it."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Keeping his body on earth, I took his Soul and made her reach the Immortal Plane. Looking at the Glory of Sach Khand he became very happy, and then Madhukar’s mind believed.

Madhukar fell at my feet and said,

"Oh Lord, now my thirst is quenched. Now take me into the world again, where I will give the teaching to the Jivas. I’ll proclaim the Path to the Souls who come to my home."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Then I brought back his Soul into the world and she entered into the body for the second time. In the house of Madhukar were living sixteen Souls to whom he gave the message of Sat Purush.

"Go and catch the feet of the Perfect One. Only He will liberate you from Yama."

All believed in Madhukar’s words and got the passport of liberation.

Madhukar said,

"Listen to my request! Give Sach Khand to everybody! In this land of Yama, there is so much suffering! No one even gives water to the Soul. Oh Lord of the Souls and mine, shower Grace on us, oh Lord, All-Conscious One. 

This is the region of mighty Yama, he harasses all the Souls. Many kinds of subterfuge are here. Death and birth prevail here. Lust, anger and hard desire, greed and maya are very strong. They exist in the gods and sages, and they have destroyed millions of Souls.

– These three worlds are the region of Yama, where the Jivas never have happiness even for a moment. Remove the suffering of Kal and take us to our Home."

Kabir told Dharam Das:

I found him in my refuge, so I gave them initiation. Sixteen Souls came within, and were taken to Sach Khand. The angels of Yama stood there looking like defeated wrestlers in the arena. 

The Souls touched the feet of Sat Purush, and said,

"You have finished our problem of birth and death."

Sat Purush asked them about their well-being.

Dwij said,

"We are fine after coming here."

Dharam Das, this is a very strange bani – He Who manifests this hidden secret is the Gyani. The Souls were drenched in the clothes of immortality. Getting the Immortal Body they were very happy. The radiance of the Soul is equal to the light of sixteen suns, and they eat only Nectar. Getting immortality, their bodies were satisfied. Having the Darshan of Sat Purush they became very happy. This happened in Treta Yuga: Souls were liberated by the effect of Naam.



Madhukar the Brahmin: The Grace of the Satguru easily outweighs Adhya’s curse, and so Brahmins can be saved too.

One initiate of Kirpal Singh, Reverend E. J. C. from Washington, USA, proclaimed at Church the existence of the Living Word. Many dignitaries and leaders of other religions were initiated by Kirpal Singh.

After a meeting with Kirpal Singh, Pope Paul VI travelled to Jerusalem and carried a cross as a symbol for the world.

Dwij: Dwij or Dwija means 'someone who is born twice.' Here another name for Madhukar.