The Narration of Vichitra Bhat – in Lanka

After going in all four directions I came to Lanka where I met Vichitra Bhat, who had faith in me. He asked me the message of liberation and I taught him the knowledge. Hearing it, Vichitra’s illusion went away.

Becoming very humble he fell at my feet and said,

"Oh Swami, take me in Your refuge. You are Sat Purush’s abode of happiness. Today satisfy me and protect my Soul."

I told him about performing the arti as I had told Khemsari.

Lovingly he brought what was needed – the arti was performed and the Sound of Shabd resounded. Breaking the straw, I gave the gift to him; in his home, no one else understood me. I gave him Simran and Dhyan. I didn’t hide the perfect rope from him.

The wife of Vichitra went to the palace and told the queen,

"There is one beautiful Yogi Who is a Great Sage. I can’t describe His greatness. He is white and endlessly full of the Highest Qualities. I have never seen anyone like Him. My husband has taken refuge in Him and has made his birth fruitful."



Lanka: Sri Lanka.