3. In the Treta Yuga:
The Embodiment as Maninder

Sat Yuga passed away and Treta Yuga came into being. Bearing the name Maninder, I taught the Souls. When I came to teach them, Dharam Rai was afraid in his heart.

He thought: 

"Taking the Souls back to the court of Sat Purush, he will ruin my ocean of the world. I have tried to solve this by playing tricks; but being afraid of Gyani, I can’t stand before him. Gyani has the Glory of Sat Purush with him. That is why my traps do not affect him at all."

So Kal got nothing. By the Glory of Naam, the Souls went back to their Home.


Oh Dharam Das, by the Glory of Sat Naam Souls go back to their Home. When the elephant looks at the lion, he becomes terrified and his heart begins to throb. The Glory of the Naam of Sat Purush is the lion, and Kal is the elephant: the Souls catching Naam reach Sach Khand – accept my words as true.

– Be absorbed in the Shabd of the Satguru and act according to the Master’s orders: keep the attention in Naam giving up all doership, illusions and dictates of the mind.

When Treta Yuga began, I came into this mortal world.

I asked many Souls,

"Who will save you from Yama?" 

Being controlled by illusion, the innocent Souls said, 

"Our creator is the ancient 'Purush'. Vishnu is our protector forever, and he is the one who will save us from Yama."

Some looked hopefully to Mahesh; some sang of Chandi Devi; giving up their husband, they are fascinated by Kal: they are put again and again in the house of karmas, and being ensnared by Kal’s traps, they are being killed by him.

I thought:

"If I could get orders from Sat Purush, I could finish Kal and take all the Souls back – but if I use force I would break my promise – so, teaching the Souls, I will gradually take them back. The Souls are serving him who is their devourer – unknowingly they are going into his mouth."



Treta Yuga: The second or Silver Age. It is said, that in this age people lived about 10,000 years (Source: Talk given by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974, in Tustin, California, on 18th December 1963, published under the title 'No new faith, mind that' in the December 1976 issue of Sat Sandesh). During this age Vishnu incarnated as the Avatar Rama and at this time the traditional events of the Ramayana* took place.

* The Ramayana was originally written by Valmiki and later on translated by Tulsi Das – not to be confused with Tulsi Sahib, Who lived later – in form of an revised version into Hindi.

Chandi Devi: Another name for Adhya, also called Devi – the goddess, Durga, Kali, Shakti or the divine mother; the partner of Kal.

Giving up their husband: God is the husband, the Soul is the wife.