The Narration of Khemsari

After awakening Dhondhal in Shabd, I appeared in the city of Mathura. There Khemsari came running, with many women, old people and children.

Khemsari said,

"Oh ancient man, from where have You come?"

I told him the teachings of Shabd, about Sat Purush and about the form of Yama. Hearing that – when he understood the deception of Yama – Love manifested within Khemsari. 

Khemsari has the Darshan – Sight – of Sach Khand

But he had one doubt: only after seeing Sach Khand would he believe. So keeping his body here, I took his Soul within a moment to Sach Khand. After showing him Sach Khand, I brought his Soul back.

After returning to his body, he repented:

"Oh Lord, take me to that plane. Here there is too much of Kal’s miseries."

So I told him,

"Listen to my words. Obey whatever I say:

Sach Khand is achieved only after Tika is filled

Brother, until the tika is filled up, keep your attention attached to Naam. You’ve seen my Lok, so give that teaching to the Souls.

The Fruit of Teaching the Souls

Even if one Soul comes in His refuge, such a Soul is appreciated by Sat Purush. If a cow, about to be eaten by a lion, is saved by some brave man, that man is praised a lot. The lion is afraid of the brave man. In the same way the Jiva is the food of Kal, and if one makes even one Soul determined in Bhakti he gets the fruit of saving ten million cows."

Khemsari fell at my feet and said,

"Oh Lord, save me! Shower Grace on me and enlighten me so that I may not fall in the trap of Kal again."

Sat Sukrit said:

"Listen, oh Khemsari. This is the country of Yama; without Naam the fear cannot be removed. By catching the rope of Sat Purush the Soul breaks the straw traps of Yama. One who gets the gift of Sat Purush’s Naam does not come back in the ocean of life."

Khemsari said,

"Give me the passport; freeing me from Yama, make me Your own. And to the other Souls in my house, oh Lord, give them also the gift of Naam. Please put Your feet in my house and explain the message of liberation to the Souls."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Then in his house the meeting of Love took place. The feet which were full of nectar and liberation-giving, stepped in that house.

Khemsari spoke to everyone explaining,

"Brothers, all of you make your life successful."

Khemsari said to the family:

"Brothers, those who want liberation of the Soul, accept the Satguru Shabd. He is the only one Who can save you from Yama; believe me, this is true."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

All the Souls believed in him firmly, so they all came with Khemsari.

They came to my feet and said,

"Oh Lord, liberate us so that Yama won’t harass us and we may chase away the pain of birth after birth."

When I saw the men and women so helpless, I said this to them:

"No one can stop those who will accept my Shabd. The suffering created by Kal will be finished for the Soul who believes in my teachings. Yam Rai will not go near one who gets the passport of Sat Purush’s Naam."

Sat Sukrit said to Khemsari:

"Bring what is needed to perform the arti, so that I may finish your Soul’s pain, which was created by Kal."

Khemsari said,

"Oh Lord, explain to me what is needed for the arti to be performed."


"Listen, Khemsari, to the meaning of arti which I will explain to you. Bring sweets, betel leaf, camphor, banana, eight kinds of dried fruits, five vessels, a piece of white cloth, clean leaves of a banana tree, a coconut, and a white flower – and make a white chauka of sandalwood.

– Oh Khemsari, bring all these things and perform the arti. Marking the boundary with betelnut, perform the chauka by means of the Shabd. And bring other good pure things – the beautiful white ghee of the cow."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Hearing my words, Khemsari obeyed them; immediately he brought everything. He set up the white canopy and was determined to know how to perform the arti. With the wish of Sat Purush, five Sacred Words were created. Devotion, meditation, and knowledge given by the Master were also there. I sat on the chauka, and in the meditation the indestructible Sound Current was manifested.

In the meditation the indestructible Sound of the Shabd came into manifestation – no one can stop It in this world! At the appropriate time the chauka was performed and the radiance of the indestructible Light was manifested. When the chauka was performed by means of the Shabd and the coconut was broken, Kal ran away. When the coconut was struck on the rock, the head of Kal was split open and all the pains went away. When the coconut broke, a fragrance came out which gave the message of Sat Purush. I told them the Five Words and at that time they got the Naam of Sat Purush. Brother, for a moment Sat Purush came and sat there. All the people got up and performed the arti. Again the arti was performed in the house, a straw was broken, and all the people drank water. First Khemsari drank the water and after him the other Jivas drank that with respect. I explained to them about Dhyan. By contemplating on the Naam, their Souls would be saved. I explained to them the ways of living and told them that by doing the Simran of Naam their Souls will go back Home.


After giving the knowledge of the Satguru to twelve Souls I went to the Ocean of Peace; I touched the Lotus Feet of Sat Purush, Who, smiling, made me sit in His lap. In many ways the Owner of the Souls asked me about my well-being and happiness. Brother, I was happy looking at the Glory of that place, which was very beautiful.

– Oh Dharam Das, the Glory of the Light of the Soul cannot be described. In Sach Khand the light of one Soul is equal to the light of sixteen suns. For a few days I resided there, then I came to see my disciples. Day and night in this world I remained secretly, and no Soul recognised me. The Souls whom I initiated I sent to Sach Khand. In Sach Khand they were living happily in the Eternal Spring of Sat Purush. Only he sees this who reaches that place. He Who has created this universe is saying this to awaken the Souls.


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