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'By Order of Sat Purush Gyani – later Kabir –
comes to awaken the Souls …'

I stepped onto the earth: That is, into the lower worlds. Gyani is not yet embodied physically. His meeting with Niranjan – also known as Dharam Rai or Kal – took place at the very top of the causal plane, because Kal  Niranjan does not exist in a personal form thereunder.

Yogjit: The name Yogjit comes from 'Yoga' and refers to the seventeenth Shabda of Sat Purush. Yogjit is He, Who meditates since the beginning. (See also the explanation 'Seventeenth Shabda' in the subsection 'The names of the sixteen Shabdas' in the illustration to 'In the Beginning.')

The syllable 'Jit' means victory and indicates, that Yogjit, by the aid of the True Yoga, vanquished the power of creation or Yog Maya. When this is achieved, the Soul is One with Sat Purush.

You burn the Souls: Even during the time before birth, while the body forms in the mother’s womb, the Soul suffers a lot:

When the body forms in the mother’s womb through the union of the mother’s ovum and the father’s sperm, it develops there for three months in the heat of the primal fire. The inert being [the Soul not yet acting through the body; Editor’s Note] keeps lying there on one side – the bones in the body come from the father’s seed; they have 1600 bonds and joints. The being continues to lie on one side for three months – ninety days – as the bones are formed and tempered by the torrid heat of the primal fire. The pain and suffering endured at that time cannot be described. But a blessing also reaches there: with each breath, the being remembers the Lord and cries out:

Save me, save me! Mercy! Mercy! I have no one.

His absolute trust rests in the Lord, and no harm comes to him there because of the Power of Naam.

The body’s flesh comes from the mother’s blood; it has formed through baking. Outside the womb then, whenever a bone is broken, it will join together if the individual [the embodied man; Editor’s Note] stays motionless in the same way. So have no worry – at this stage there is not that much pain.

Do your Bhajan and Simran.

If the attention gets distracted, bring it back again. Nothing except Bhajan and Simran can eliminate suffering. The Lord is pleased with you in every way, so you are not to have any worry. When a bone in the body breaks, it repairs itself in three months by joining together – and yours will heal quite rapidly.

Excerpt from a letter
of Baba Jaimal Singh to Sawan Singh,
from 23 May 1897

One can also see here that finally everything that is created from the five elements is an illusion – so is medicine.

You are the oldest of the sixteen sons: This is a flattery. Kal knows exactly that Kurma is his eldest brother but that he has misused him as an object of his desire. (See also the section 'Dharam Rai – Kal – goes to Kurma' in the subchapter 'How Niranjan – Dharam Rai – got what he wanted to develop his Universe.')

'Daughter' of Sat Purush: Adhya.

Pilgrimages, fasting, japas and tapas: The mind naturally enjoys practices like asanas and rituals which boost the ego. However, it resents listening to the Sound Current since thus the ego is dissolved.

I have made […] many other traps:

[...] But once it [the Church; Editor’s Note] had come to be accepted, it began to exercise considerable sway over the people. They offered it gifts and titles and made it the final arbiter not only in matters spiritual, but in matters temporal as well. And thus began a process by which the priesthood turned from the inner to the outer life, from self-abnegation to power. In order to preserve its position, it encouraged the growth of doctrines and traditions that reinforced its monopoly of authority. To strengthen itself, it created a halo around the altar at which it was on service, and condemned the altars where it had no hand. If the self-styled servants of Jehovah were to maintain and extend their position and sway, then it was necessary that all gods of the Philistines and of the heathens should be condemned.

The Crown of Life (First Edition, 1961) –
Part II, Chapter IV: Conclusion,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Passport: The initiation into Naam grants the initiate freedom of movement in the Inner Worlds.

Kirpal Singh analogously said, that at initiation the disciple gets a visa – just as for a journey to a foreign country.

Lakh: Indian numeral. (See the illustration 'Lakh' in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.')

You have deceived me: The Masters do not refuse a request that is made to Them in humility and sincerity, and this is what Kal has done. Now it seems, as if Kal has been able to take advantage of the generosity of the Master-Power, and in this sense he has deceived Gyani. But nothing is ultimately lost; Kal may think he had accomplished something, but all he has gained is time – which, from the point of view of Eternity, does not count that much.

As the following story illustrates, the Master-Power is always willing to meet honest requests, even on His own account:

One day a friend of one of Baba Jaimal Singh’s (1838–1903) disciples asked Him for initiation. Since this Soul was not destined for initiation, Baba Jaimal Singh denied the request. So the man begged his friend for help. He went to the Master in order to intercede and – after he coming repeatedly to ask Baba Jaimal Singh to initiate his friend – Baba Jaimal Singh could not refuse the request any longer. But He had to pay a high price: as He had initiated a Soul, who was not destined for initiation in this life, the Master had to leave Anami and descend to Sach Khand.

(Compare 'A Great Saint / Baba Jaimal Singh – II. / (v)The Torch Bearer,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

Note: The photo of a Sikh-soldier that can be found in some English editions of the aforementioned book, acts only as an example and does not show Baba Jaimal Singh, of Whom there are no pictures. Even Sawan Singh – Who was Jaimal’s disciple – hung up a picture of Jaimal’s Master Swami Ji. The non-existence of pictures of Jaimal relates to the fact that this Power is always in the world.

It is reported that once Kirpal Singh – as He was not yet doing the work of a Master – fell into a wild canel in winter, out of which, according to average human logic, nobody could come alive. Not only His Master but also Jaimal Singh appeared to Him to take care of Him. That is how He was rescued and He could escape the icy water after nearly one hour.

Normally a Soul needs thousands of years to reach from Sach Khand to Alakh, similarly to reach Agam and a very, very long time again to finally emmerge into Anami, hence it is a gradual merging into the Formless. Today – in the 20th/21st century –, under the guidance of Kirpal, Souls are permitted to go the steps from Daswan Dwar – the third Inner Plane which is directly above the three worlds – to Anami within one life – an inconceivable Grace.

Eight Souls: This refers to Dharam Das and his family and is explained later in the Anurag Sagar. So the line of 'forty-two embodiments' – the Saints starting from Kabir – is founded by Him in the Kali Yuga.

Mritu Andha, my messenger: This messenger of Kal will incarnate in the Kali Yuga as Narayan Das, the son of Dharam Das.

(See the subchapter 'The Description of Performing Arti.')

In the house of Sukrit: Sukrit was Dharam Das’ name before his embodiment.

(See the subchapter 'The Tale of Dharam Das’ previous Births' and the subsection 'Sukrit' in the illustration to 'The Tale of Dharam Das’ previous Births.')