By Order of Sat Purush
Gyani – later Kabir – comes to awaken the Souls –
on the Way He meets Niranjan

Oh Dharam Das, now that you have asked me I will tell you the story of each age. When Sat Purush ordered me I stepped onto the earth for the Jivas. After saluting Him I started walking and came to the court of Dharam Rai. It was the first time that I came for the Souls and on my head I had the Glory of Sat Purush. By the order of Sat Purush I came to the Souls, and in that age my name was Achint. When I was coming I met the unjust Dharam Rai, who fought with me.

Seeing me, he drew near. With anger and excitement he asked me, 

"Yogjit, why did you come here? Tell me. Did you come to kill me? Tell me the words of Sat Purush!" 

Then I told him, 

"Listen, Dharam Rai, I am going to the world for the Souls." 

Again I told him, 

"Listen, unjust one, you are very clever and have deceived the Souls. You have made the Souls forget, and have continuously harassed them. You have hidden the secret of Sat Purush and have manifested your own glory to the Souls. You burn the Souls on the red hot rock, and after burning them you eat them. You have given so much pain to the Souls! – that is why Sat Purush has ordered me: awakening the Souls, I will take them back to Sach Khand and will save them from the sufferings of Kal. So I am going into the world and will send the Souls to Sach Khand after giving them the passport."

Hearing this, Kal became horrible and tried to frighten me.

Dharam Rai said: 

"I served Him for seventy yugas, so Sat Purush gave me this kingdom and this greatness. And when I did His service for sixty-four yugas, Sat Purush gave me the eight divisions of creation. You beat me and threw me out! So, Yogjit, now I will not leave you!"

Then I said, 

"Listen, Dharam Rai, I am not afraid of you. I have Sat Purush’s Light and strength in me. Oh Kal, I am not afraid of you!"

Then I did the Simran of Sat Purush’s Light and attacked the Negative Power with the weapon of Shabd. Right then I looked at him. His forehead had become black. To me the condition of Kal was that of a bird when she loses her wings. He became angry, but when he couldn’t do anything, he came and fell at my feet.

Niranjan said:


"Listen, Gyani, I am pleading with you: you are my brother and still I opposed you – that is a mistake which I have made. I recognise you as equal to Sat Purush, and I don’t have any other feeling for you: you are the great all-conscious Lord. Now stretch over me the umbrella of forgiveness!

– As Sat Purush gave me the kingdom, you also should give me a gift: you are the oldest of sixteen sons and are equal to Sat Purush."

Gyani said, 

"Listen, Rai Niranjan, you are a black spot in the family. I am going to bring the Souls back. I will make them firm in Sat Shabd and Sat Naam. I have come with the orders of Sat Purush to liberate the Souls from the ocean of life. This time, through the Sound of Sat Purush, I will expel you in a moment!"

Dharam Rai made this request:

"I am your servant – don’t understand me as somebody else’s. Oh Gyani, this is my one request: don’t do anything to make me lose. As Sat Purush has given me the kingdom, if you also give me something my purpose can be served. Now I will obey your words, oh Gyani; you can take the Souls from me. But brother, I will tell you one thing; please accept it as true: the Jivas will not obey you. They will come to me, and find your words useless. The snare in which they are entangled is very strong.

I have created the Vedas, Shastras, Smritis and many kinds of attributes, and the 'daughter' of Sat Purush is the head of the three gods. All three of them have created many traps, and from their mouths they give out my knowledge. They make the Souls worship temples, gods and stones, and keep their minds involved in pilgrimages, fasting, japas and tapas. All the world performs the worship of God through sacrifices: I have tied the Souls in this principle. I have made austerities, sacrifices, daily rituals, rules of conduct, and many other traps: so Gyani, if you go in the world, the Souls will not obey you."

Gyani said, 

"Listen, unjust one, I will cut down all the traps and release the Souls. By means of the Sat Shabd, I will destroy all the traps you have created. The Soul who catches my Shabd will become free of all your traps. When the Soul recognises my Shabd she will give up the illusion created by you, and will rise above your creation. Making the Souls understand the Sat Naam and liberating them, I will take them back to Sach Khand.


I will make the Souls firm in the Shabd of the Gracious Forgiver, Sat Purush. Such Souls will be Sahaj: pure and content. They will do the devotion of the Soul, and they will be the abode of pure attributes. By doing the Simran of Sat Purush they will sing the praise of the immovable Naam. I will send the Souls to Sach Khand, keeping my foot on your head.

– Spreading the Nectar of Naam I will awaken the Souls.

Oh Dharam Rai, listen carefully. I will humble your arrogance. By doing the practice of devotion, they will get the passport and I will connect them with the Naam of Sat Purush. The Negative Power can’t come near such a Soul, and he will bow down to them when he sees their union with Sat Purush."

Hearing this, Kal was afraid, and folding his hands, he made this request:

"Oh Lord, you are the gracious giver; shower grace on me, my brother. Sat Purush has cursed me so that I will devour one lakh Jivas daily. If all the Souls go to Sach Khand then how will my hunger be satisfied? Again, Sat Purush showered Grace on me and He gave me the kingdom of this world. You should also shower grace on me. Whatever I ask for, grant me that boon. Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapar – in all these three yugas, just a few Souls should go back. When the fourth age – the Kali Yuga – comes, then many Souls may come to you. Make this promise to me, and then you can go into the world."

Gyani said:

"Oh Kal, you have created deception, you have kept the Jivas in suffering. I understand your request; oh arrogant Kal, you have deceived me; I accept the request which you have made of me. When the fourth age, the Kali Yuga comes, I will send my embodiment.

First the eight Souls of the same essence of Sukrit will come into the world. After that the new Soul will go in the home of Dharam Das. For the sake of the Souls, forty-two embodiments of Sat Purush will come into the world: Establishing and teaching the Path in the Kali Yuga, They will send the Souls back to Sach Khand.

– I will always be with the Souls to whom They will give the passport into the Sat Shabd, and such Souls will never go to Yama!"

Dharam Rai said:

"Oh Lord, you can establish the Path. Liberating the Souls, you can take them back to Sach Khand. I will bow down to the Soul on whom I see your sign. I have accepted the orders of Sat Purush and now I request this of you, oh Gyani:

Kal reveals his Intention to establish twelve Paths

You will establish one Path and will send the Souls back to Sach Khand. I will create twelve paths and in your name I will teach people. I will send twelve yamas in the world who will spread the path in your name. Mritu Andha, my messenger, will be incarnated in the house of Sukrit. First my messenger will be born and then your embodiment. In this way I will delude the Souls in the name of Sat Purush. Souls who come on these twelve paths will come into my mouth. I am making only this request of you. Showering grace and forgiving me, please grant it.

Kal asks Kabir Sahib for establishing Jagannath

When the first part of the Iron Age comes I will take up the body of a Sadhu. Then I will go to King Indradaman, bearing the name of Jagannath. The King will make my temple which will be repeatedly destroyed by the water of the ocean. My son Vishnu, on whom the seven oceans will take revenge, will come there. So the temple won’t survive – the waves of the ocean will drown it.

Oh Gyani, do this: first go to the shore of the ocean. Seeing you, the ocean will not cover you and will recede. In this way I will be established and then you can send your embodiment. Then you can maintain the Path in the ocean of life and can save the Souls with the Naam of Sat Purush. Any Soul who will come to the shore without the sign of union will not find the way out."

Gyani said:


"Oh Dharam Rai, I understand very well what you are asking me. Maintaining the twelve paths is giving poison in place of Nectar. Now I will finish you and show you my art: cutting the bonds of Yama, I will take them to the Plane of Immortality."

I thought:

"The Word of Sat Purush cannot go astray; those who will be firm in Sat Shabd – I will make them reach Home."

"Oh unjust one, I give you permission to establish twelve paths: first your messenger will be born and then my embodiment will take birth. I will go to the shore of the ocean and I will see that the Jagannath is established. After that I will maintain my Path and send the Souls back to Sach Khand."


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