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'Recognition of the Soul, who comes from the human Body to the human Body'

One doubt: Dharam Das doubts that a human being could ever be reborn as another human being; his understanding of the nature of the cycle precludes that possibility. In the western countries, however, many people believe in the opposite: that Souls from the human level can never fall down into lower creation, but continue to be reborn as humans forever, advancing from birth to birth. Both concepts are wrong. The western presumption is not only wrong, it is also especially harmful, because the true cosmic meaning of the cycle of births and deaths is trivialised and perverted, and instead of regarding the wheel as a cause of suffering, it is seen as a gorgeous game: 'what have I been in my previous life?' – However, one of the concessions that Kal received is that no one will know his previous lives. As a consequence nobody can have an authentic knowledge about his previous births until he has not transcended the realm of Kal’s sovereignty. The pictures seen in reincarnation therapies and regressions are deceiving, because mind can produce every kind of scenarios.

Question to Kirpal Singh:

Why must our past lives be concealed from us? 

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

It has a significance. The entire human life is a drama based on the inexorable law of karma which results in union and separation of the souls for the liquidation of their mutual give and take. If one is told about these karmic debts involved and the sons or daughters born to us are only our past debtors, the reason and sense of their breeding will be harmed. It is one of the chief functions of the Negative Power to conceal these truths from the humans for keeping the earth life agoing. You will be perhaps astonished to know that Kal has obtained three main boons from the Almighty, as contained in Sar Bachan.

These are:

1. Nobody will know of his or her past life;

2. nobody should know about his or her exact time and date of death; and

3. the Living Master should not grant Holy Initiation to the humans by showing miracles but simply hold Satsangs and if the dear ones come up of themselves and seek initiation, only then should they be initiated.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part I,
IV. Karma: The Law of Action and Reaction,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Even though Kabir speaks to Dharam Das about his previous lives in a very detailed manner, that is not a normal part of the teachings of the Masters – it should be noted that Dharam Das was the successor of Kabir:

Question to Kirpal Singh:

Do You think my husband who passed away last May has reincarnated as yet?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

It does not fall within the purview of Sacred Teachings to discuss or disclose the Divine Disposition about the reincarnation of those souls who have passed away. Suffice it to understand that unions and separations in this physical plane are veiled and governed by the inexorable Law of Karma. There is nothing 'premature' as the Divine Machinery works with meticulous precision and nothing happens haphazardly, although it may look to us as such. Just as a man standing at the power-house can see quite distinctly as to how the smallest cogs and spindles are working, but the person who cannot look beyond these small units cannot understand as to how these are being operated by the Divine Will of the Lord. Reincarnation is a Spiritual Phenomena which cannot be understood adequately by limited human intellect.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part I,
VIII. Reincarnation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

For a deeper understanding see 'The Mystery of Death' and 'The Wheel of Life,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.

However, those who have reached self-knowledge know about these things.

Once a German disciple told the following incident:

In Germany, one day she hit a man with her car who succumbed to his injuries some days later. After several years, when the disciple worked in a Kirpal project in India, she was summoned to the family of the brother of the project leader. This family had a baby-boy whose lingual frenum was overgrown and had to be cut. Together with the project leader, she drove to the child. She was left unattended with the child and she cut through the lingual frenum. Then Kirpal showed her, that in his past life this child was the man she had hit with her car at that time.

A disciple of Kirpal once reported in a small group:

When I was a child and I attended 'church services,' I became aware of the valuelessness of all this; I often did not accept the altar bread and sometimes I removed the altar bread from my mouth and put it into the hymnbook. In the beginning I was afraid that God would come down through the nave to punish me.

[…] When the Americans flew towards the moon, I was very happy. I thought when the astronauts came back to earth they would report of God, because beyond earth it must be possible to see Him or at least His feet – since according to the report of religious communities God takes the earth as his footrest.
However, nothing happened. I guessed that something was wrong and I decided to busy myself with other things instead of sitting in church. […] Thereafter I decided that I will not undertake anything, neither in form of a blockade nor in quest, because if God exists, He must appear.

[…] Years later I received Naam directly within from Kirpal; out of respect to the outer way I went to an initiation afterwards.

In his previous life the same disciple received Naam within too, and afterwards he made his way to Kirpal in the Sawan Ashram to meet Him. Kirpal was not present at that time. Instead he met His housekeeper and told her about his Inner Initiation. She said, that he could not be initiated because she did not know him. Due to this statement, intellectual doubts came up to his mind while he was waiting for Kirpal. When Kirpal arrived, he went to Him immediately. Kirpal smiled at him. The young man pointed at the housekeeper and only said: 'She says that I was not initiated.' Kirpal replied to him to go to his room and to cover the watch. And then, when the Shabd sounded he should take a glance at the watch. If it was 2:00 a.m., he would be initiated. The young man did as he was told. As the Shabd was audible, he glanced at the watch. It was 2:00 a.m. – Amrit Vela.* At that time, he did not need an outer initiation, because this was carried out within. Shortly afterwards the young man left the world and some years later he was reborn in Germany.

* Ambrosial hour of meditation between 2.00 and 5.00 a.m.

In a previous life this Soul was a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh and belonged to those who had been ready to give their head.

These things are ordinary. But unfortunately the disciples, who are put on the Path at the beginning of the 21st century do not have knowledge of the things which concern themselves. This is because they are mainly occupied with acting out their individuality.

Lakhs: Indian numeral. (See the illustration 'Lakh' in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.')

Before his time is up: Not someone who 'dies' – only the body can die, not the Soul – before it was time for him to die – nobody can die 'accidentally' before his pralabdh karma is finished. It is explained that not even an ant leaves the world without the permission of the Almighty. A Soul can only be reborn in the human body if it is entitled to her. There are only three possibilities for that case:

1) A Soul is moving in the direction of the Sat Purush or the Almighty. However, because of unpropitious circumstances she did not have had an opportunity to be initiated until the time of her physical death. In that case she will be reborn as a human being – this is very rare.

2) Furthermore, an initiated Soul, who was working against the Master-Power – for example by thinking negatively about Saints or by thinking or doing something contrary to the work of the Master-Power – will be reborn in a human body. – This is the only reason for an initiated Soul to take birth again at all.

The karmic account of the initiates from the moment of initiation on lies in the hand of the Master and Kal has nothing to do with it any more. Whether an initiate has to be reborn or not, only depends on the affinities of his mind. If he still has rough and worldly affinities and lacks trust, then in such extremely unfortunate cases the soul receives a new birth.

Letter to a disciple in New York,
September 1918,
by Sawan Singh

Analogously Kirpal Singh said:

Everything can be forgiven, but not lack of trust in the Master.

3) Irrespective of the cases named above, there are Souls, who return in the human body although they have already been liberated. They already dwelt in Amritsar or one of the still higher planes and are amar – immortal.*

To these, the circumstances named above do not apply, but they simply come to help, by order of the Almighty.

* The Inner Amritsar in Daswan Dwar, the first Inner Plane beyond the three worlds, is not to be confused with the outer place. Similarly, the Inner Mansarovar is not to be confused with the homonymous outer lake in the Himalayas. In Spiritual Sense, a pilgrimage to the outer lake is seen as absolutely useless. One has to raise to the Inner Mansarovar. But unfortunately most people prefer outer activities.

There are also cases in which a Soul comes to the world with a mission and the length of her physical life is known from the first moment. When it is time for her to leave the physical body, it happens that this Soul still remains and is further deployed by the Almighty.

Likewise it happens that the prahlabd karma of an initiate, that forms and keeps the physical body, is finished without that this was known before. However, the same initiate survives a critical occurrence. From this moment such a disciple does not live for himself anymore.

But generally it has its good reason that – as Kirpal Singh explained it – people usually do not have knowledge of these things. (See the subsection 'One doubt' in this illustration above.)

In relation to the abovementioned point 2), the facts of the case with regard to the reincarnation into the human body are fundamentally different in 2012 – at the end of a cycle.

Basically Kirpal Singh said:

Those, who do not go Home voluntarily now will have a long way before them.

The Almighty Himself was here in the form of Kirpal in order to take all Souls who had been accepted by past Masters with Him. This is the reason why there will be no more human birth for those Souls who live in our time and to whom apply the abovementioned points. A new round begins. These Souls will go back to the cycle and it will take long until they will maybe receive a new chance.

The dust of Your beautiful Lotus Feet: 

A Living Master* is a great necessity in the science of Spirituality. He is the central figure around Which the entire system revolves. He is the Human Pole through Which the Divine Power works in this world. Without His guidance and help, one can do nothing and achieve nothing. No wonder then that one has to surrender oneself at the Holy Feet of the Master. As Kamal or the lotus flower is considered to be something sublime and sacred, the feet of the Master are generally spoken of as Charan Kamal or the Lotus Feet, fit to be worshipped and adored in all sincerity and humility. […]

Set aside all thy wisdom and fall at the feet of a Guru. […]

Guru Arjan, Sri Rag M5

I. The Lotus Feet

* (For further information see the subchapter 'Fundamental Explanations/The Living Master.')

The entire Radiant Form of the Master** as It appears within is blessed indeed. The Divine Light emanating from the feet of the Master is resplendent and is the first to dawn; with It comes the entire form. As a harbinger of the Divine Presence, It is fit to be worshipped and loved. From stage to stage this Holy Light grows in luster.

Swami Tulsi Das, the famous author of the Hindi Ramayana, spoke of it as follows:

The nails of the Master’s feet are more lustrous than the shining crest jewel. A concentration on them opens the Inner Vision and one becomes all-knowing.

Ram Charitra Mansa

I. / (i) Inner Vision of the Master’s Feet

** The Guru Dev.

As the need of a Living Master is of Supreme Importance so is the need of the dust of His feet. Whatever comes in contact with the Divine Human Pole is indeed very blessed: the hem of His garments, the chair or carpet He sits on, the horse He rides on, the things He uses for one purpose or another. Many a person cured himself of leprosy or blindness by touching the hem of Christ’s robe.

The entire world is Thine, my Lord; everyone eagerly seeks for the dust of Thy Feet.

Guru Ram Das, Malar M4

The service of Thy feet is a panacea for all ills, even the angels and seraphim wish for Thy dust.

Guru Arjan, Bhairon M5

II. / (i) The Dust of the Feet of Living Masters

The Holy Light that emanates from the feet of the Radiant Form of the Master on the astral plane is often described as the dust of the feet of that form.

Partake of the Bread of Life in the precious immortal Naam, and smear thy forehead with the dust of the Saints.

Guru Ram Das, Sorath War M4

Sant Tulsi Das Ji speaks of it thus:

Take care to retain attention within the two eyebrows, purifying the mind and body fix thy gaze at one centre; then shalt thou penetrate into the beyond, seeing the reality face to face, oh Tulsi! The dust of the Saints spreads before thee a carpet of Light.

II. / (ii) Inner Dust of the Master’s Radiant Form

All Citations from:
Naam or Word (Fourth Edition, 1981) –
Book X,
Subchapter as named above,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Question to Kirpal Singh: 

Is the formless or sun-like Light also considered the Form of the Master?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

Yes, it is the astral form of the Master-Power and when one attains proficiency in this Principle, the Inner Radiant Form of the Master manifests of Itself in due course.


Question to Kirpal Singh: 

When a soul has made its seat in the eye-focus, is it not the Master Who is seated at the eye-focus?

Answer by Kirpal Singh: 

No, when soul is completely withdrawn to the eye-focus, contact with the Holy Shabd Dhun can be had. Soul and Shabd Dhun are of the same Divine Essence. The Radiant Form of the Master manifests at times to assure the initiates that He is with him or her.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part I:
II. Meditation
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974