Recognition of the Soul, who comes from the human Body to the human Body

If, when a Soul leaves the human body, she comes again to the human form – listen attentively, Dharam Das, to the recognition of such a Soul. 

Dharam Das said:

Oh my Lord, one doubt has crept into my mind: please make me understand. The Souls gets the human body only after wandering in the cycle of eighty-four lakhs births. You told me this before. Why this new statement? Tell me its secret, oh my Master.

Saying this, Dharam Das caught hold of the Master’s feet.

Tell me the signs of the man who comes from the human body, and explain to me how it is possible.

Kabir spoke:

Dharam Das, you will understand this very well, as I will now tell you its secret.

When Death comes before his Time

A man who dies before his time is up comes again in the human body. Those foolish ones who don’t believe this can understand it by burning a lamp’s wick. When a lamp is full of oil, if a puff of wind comes, it goes out – but again it is lighted with the fire. In the same way, the Soul comes into the human body again. Hear, wise one: I will tell you the attributes of such a one. I won’t hide any knowledge from you. Such a man is brave among men – fear never comes near him. He doesn’t get attached to Maya and attachment; and looking at him, his enemies start trembling with fear. He believes in the True Shabd, and never knows what criticism is. He always maintains love for the Satguru and speaks lovingly with humility. He searches for knowledge, pretending to be ignorant, but he makes people know about the True Naam. The man who has all these attributes, Dharam Das, know him as one who has come from the human body.


He who gets the Shabd becomes free of the dirt of birth after birth. The Jiva who gets the Naam and Simran goes to Sach Khand. The Soul who accepts the Shabd of the Master with firmness becomes as valuable as nectar. He goes back to his Home with the strength of Sat Naam and his Soul sings in peace and happiness.

Kal doesn’t stop the Soul who has the Glory of Sat Naam with her. Even Kal bows down to the Soul who has the stamp of Naam on her.

Why the eighty-four Lakhs Births were made?

Dharam Das said:

I have been told the secret of the four kinds of creation; now please tell me whatever else I ask from You! Why was the stream of eighty-four lakhs births developed? Was it made for man or for the other Jivas to pay off their accounts? Oh, my Master, tell me the reason. Have Grace on me; don’t deny me.

The Satguru said: 

Dharam Das, the human body is happiness-giving. Only in the human body can the knowledge of the Guru be understood. No matter where a man goes after getting the human body, without the Satguru’s devotion he will always suffer. For man this eighty-four was created, as this foolish species doesn’t accept Shabd. He doesn’t leave the habits of the eighty-four, and doesn’t divert his love to the True Naam. Again he goes to the cycle of eighty-four where he cannot find any knowledge of God. He continually runs into the mouth of Kal, but even then, he doesn’t wake up. It is explained to him in many ways, but still he himself invites the problems. If he takes Sat Naam while in the human body, then, with the Glory of Naam, he can go back to his Eternal Home.


Understanding the Love, rising above the body, the Jiva who becomes firm in the original Naam, gets the Parshad of Simran. And by the Grace of the Master, she comes to the Path. Leaving the habits of the crow, she accepts the Path of the Hansa and separates milk from water. With the sight of her knowledge she sees the Invisible. Such a Soul recognises the Perfect Master.

The Wordless is everything, who is shown by the Word made flesh. Dharam Das, think this over: the Wordless is without elements.

Dharam Das said:

Blessed was the day for me, oh my Lord, when I had Your Darshan. Have Mercy on this servant. Understanding me as Your slave, give me this boon: that day and night I may remain absorbed in Your feet; that not even for a moment may my mind waver.

The dust of Your beautiful Lotus Feet purifies many sinners. Oh, Ocean of Grace, Merciful Lord, have Grace on me, oh All-Conscious One. Oh, my Lord, I sacrifice myself on You: tell me more of the story clearly. What was done after creating the four kinds of life? Tell me all the secrets.


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