Recognition of the Souls from four Kinds of Creation

Kabir spoke:

Dharam Das, pay attention to me. I will explain the attributes of the four kinds of creation. After wandering in all four kinds, the Soul comes into the human body. According to the attributes of whatever body the Soul has left before becoming human, the man gets knowledge. Now I will tell you the good and bad attributes of the Souls, according to their past bodies.

Recognition of Humans who come from the egg-born Creation

First of all I will tell you about the egg-born. (One by one I will explain them.)

They have much laziness, sleep, lust, anger, poverty in them. They like to steal; they are very active; and within them they have a strong desire for Maya. They like to backbite and criticise, and to put their house on fire by themselves. Sometimes they weep, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they sing. They like to serve the spirits. When they see others giving in charity, they become jealous and think ill of them.

They debate with others and do not allow any knowledge of God in their mind. They do not accept any Guru or Satguru, and throw away the Vedas and Shastras. They consider others to be inferior, and call themselves superior. They do not understand others as equal to them. They wear dirty clothes and do not bathe. Their eyes remain full of dirt and from their mouth also, saliva flows down.

They like to gamble and are never aware of the Glory of the Guru’s feet. Their head is bent, their legs are long and always they sleep. 


These are the signs of the man which I told you. Discern it, oh intelligent Dharam Das. I told you about the egg-born kind of creation – I have made its secret available to you. I described the signs of the Souls who come in human form from Andaj. I didn’t hide anything from you. I am telling you how the Souls are wandering. I will remove all your illusions.

Recognition of Humans who come from the moisture-born Creation

Now I will tell you of the other type of creation, of which qualities I mentioned to you – the Jivas who come into the human body from the moisture-born creation.

Kabir said:

Listen, Dharam Das, I will tell you the secret of Ushmaj. 

They go hunting and kill Jivas; they cook them in different ways and eat them. They criticise Naam and the knowledge of God; they also criticise the rite of the chauka and the coconut. They know many ways of talking and they love to explain things to others. In a gathering of people – they lie; they wear crooked turbans leaving one end hanging. They do not bring compassion and righteousness with them, and they laugh at those who help others. They put tilak and sandalwood dust on their forehead, and wearing shining clothes they roam in the market. They have sin in their heart and pretend to be compassionate. Such Jivas definitely go to Yama. They have long teeth and a fearful body. Their eyes are yellow and deep.

Kabir continued:


Listen, Dharam Das, now you know about this. Without the Satguru no one can have this knowledge. I have explained to you clearly. It was good you have met me – I won’t hide anything from you. Whatever you ask from me, I’ll tell you its entire secret.

Recognition of Humans who come from the seed-born Creation

The third type of creation is called immovable. I will tell you the attributes of the Souls coming to the human body from it. I will give you the message of this kind of creation. 

The Soul takes up a body according to her previous garb. These Souls have momentary intellect; it doesn’t take them long to change their mind. They wear long shirts, girdles, and turbans, and they like to serve in the imperial court. They ride on horses and keep three swords tied to their waists. They wink and flirt with other men’s wives – expressing themselves through winks. They talk very sweetly and have lust within them. They peep into others’ houses and, when caught, are brought to the king; but even when people laugh at them, they still do not feel embarrassed. 

They start to worship one moment and the next they start serving. They forget God in one moment and the next start worshipping Him. They read profound books in one moment and the next start dancing around. They are brave in one moment and in the next are cowards. They are honest in one moment and the next multiply accusations against another. One moment they act religious; the next they do bad karmas. While eating they scratch themselves and are always rubbing their thighs and hands. After eating they sleep; if anyone wakes them up they run to beat him. Their eyes remain red. What else is left for me to say?


Dharam Das, the Jiva coming from the immovable creation possesses an instantaneous mind. I am telling you this truth: that she undoes all that she achieves in a moment. When such a Jiva is met by the Satguru, He removes the effect of the previous body: when she surrenders to the feet of the Guru, He sends her to Sach Khand.

Recognition of Humans who come from the womb-born Creation


Listen Dharam Das, while I tell you the attributes and signs of the womb-born: I will tell you now of the fourth kind of creation.

The signs of a Soul coming from Pindaj are this: He lives as a renunciate and keeps silent. He acts religious only after digesting religious books. He goes on pilgrimage and performs yoga and samadhi. He attaches his mind to the Guru’s feet. He talks about the Vedas and Puranas, and sitting among a group of people, he talks about good things. He is able to become a king, and enjoys woman, but never brings any doubt in his mind. He likes wealth and money’s happiness, and sleeps on a comfortable bed. He is very fond of good food, and often eats clove and betel nut. He spends a lot of his money on charity and thus he purifies his heart. His eyes are bright and his body is strong and he is brave. He has heavens in his hands – he always bows to the idols.


Oh Dharam Das, she is very humble, so know that Jiva. Day and night she keeps to the Satguru’s feet, and with determination she follows the Path of Shabd. Oh Daram Das, one by one I have told you all the truth. I have told you the signs of all the four kinds of creation. Now listen about further things.


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