Brahma’s Return to his Mother with Gayatri and Savitri
and how all of them get cursed

Brahma saluted his mother, and she asked him how he was: 

"Tell me, Brahma, did you have the darshan of your father? And from where did you get this other woman?"

Brahma said,

"Both of them are my witnesses – that I have seen the head of the Lord with my own eyes."

Then the mother asked Gayatri to consider carefully and tell the truth:

"Did you see him having darshan? Tell me its true effect."

Then Gayatri said this:

"Brahma had the darshan of the head of his father. I have seen that he touched his head; Brahma met the Lord.

– Brahma touched the head of his father with flowers in his hand. I was seeing with my own eyes. He offered him flowers – pouring the water. Oh my mother, this is true. From those flowers came out this Puhupavati at that place. He has had the darshan of his father. Ask the girl. Oh mother, this is true. You can ask Puhupavati. I am telling you the truth. It has no trace of falsehood in it."

Mother asked Puhupavati,

"Tell me the truth. Tell me what happened when Brahma touched his forehead. – Oh Puhupavati, tell me the story of the darshan in detail. I am asking you to tell me: how did Brahma have the darshan of his father?"

Then Puhupavati said,

"Mother, this is the truth. The wise one had the darshan of his father’s head and he definitely offered him flowers."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Hearing the witness, Adhya became perplexed. She was surprised and didn’t understand the secret behind it.

Adhya’s Vexation

"Alakh Niranjan told me with determination that no one would ever see him. Then are these three lying, oh Alakh Niranjan? Explain this to me."

Ashtangi remembered Niranjan, who in turn told her:

"Brahma has not had my darshan. He has brought false witnesses. All of them have lied. Do not believe them – this is completely untrue."

Adhya curses Brahma

Hearing this the mother became angry and cursed Brahma:

"No one will worship you because you have not spoken the truth. You spoke untruth. Moreover you committed bad karma and carry the burden of hell on your head. Your race will also lie, and their Inner Selves will be full of sinner filth. They will make many rules and regulations; they will have the devotees of Vishnu, and thus will fall in hell. They will tell the story of the Puranas to others, but acting differently, they will suffer pain.

I truly tell you about those who, hearing your race, will get their knowledge and do their devotion: they will search for the essence of other gods and criticising, will go into the mouth of Kal. They will worship the gods in many ways, and for the sake of donations they will cut off heads. Those who become their disciples and follow them will never get any Spiritual Wealth. They will never reach the Path of Spirituality, and for their self-interest they will teach others. For self-interest they will make the world hear their knowledge, and will make their own worshipping firm in the world. They will consider themselves higher and others lower. Oh Brahma. Your race will be very blemished!"

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

When the mother attacked Brahma with this curse, he fainted and fell down.

Adhya imprecates Gayatri

"Gayatri, it is now your turn. You will have five husbands. Your first husband will be Vrishab. Your race will spread very much, but will be destroyed. You will be incarnated many times, and will eat inedible food, as you have lied monstrously. For self-interest you lied. Why did you bear false witness?"

Gayatri accepted the curse, then Adhya looked at Savitri.

Adhya imprecates Savitri

"Oh Puhupavati, knowingly you lied and have spoiled your birth. Listen, Puhupavati: no one will ever believe you nor worship you for his own wishes. You will dwell where there is dirt. Go and suffer hell, as you lied for lust. One who will sow and nourish you – his dynasty will come to an end. Now go and take another incarnation as Kevda-Ketaki."

Kabir explained to Dharam Das:


All of them were cursed as the result of the foolish evil done by them. Woman as sex-object is the greatest trick of the Negative Power, who has stung everybody. Neither Brahma nor Shiva, not even Shankadi nor Narada, escaped from it. Hear, oh Dharam Das, only he who is attached to Sat Naam escapes from it. With the glorious Grace of Sat Shabd, this art of Kal can never reach him. One who remains attached to Master’s feet in mind, word and deed – this sin can never come near him.

Adhya’s Repentance and Fear of Niranjan

She repented in her mind after she had cursed them, and thought:

"What will Niranjan do with me now? I’m not forgivable."

Niranjan’s Curse on Adhya

A sound came from the sky,

"Oh Bhavani, what have you done? I sent you to create the universe. Why did you do this? – If any higher one harasses a lower one, I am the one who takes care of the reprisal. When the third age comes you will have five husbands."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

When Bhavani heard the curse in the form of an exchange, she didn’t say but thought,

"I am cursed as a result of cursing. Now, Niranjan Rai, what will I do? I am under your control. Do whatever you want."



Adhya curses Brahma: A two-fold curse explaining why Brahma, being the first of the three gods, does not have and also never has had a noteworthy number of worshippers. Vishnu and Shiva – and Adhya, as Kali or Durga – divide the whole Hindu population between them. The curse is also a put-down of the Brahmin caste* – a fact which cannot be found in any other Indian scriptures.

* Those Hindu priests who have taken Brahma’s name and therefore are of 'his race.'

That curse does not only concern the Brahmins but also the priests of all other religions, as well as their dignitaries in higher agencies, whether they are salaried priests or beggar-priests – these are only two sides of the same coin – and also, of course, all nuns. Priests are all those who untruly tell that they have seen God or are his intermediaries.

Adhya imprecates Savitri (Puhupavati): Those parents who have intercourse during pregnancy, beget lustful children. Those who earn money with sexuality, have little or no ability to discriminate and will come back in this world as pigs. Pigs do not have any ability to discriminate. 'Do not cast the pearls before swine, they just will trample down them.' It is important, that, during pregnancy, man and wife live a celibate life. This is needed for the time of lactation as well. Even animals do not engage in copulation during this time. According to medicine no physical harm to the foetus is visible, nevertheless, the vibration is perceptible to the foetus.

Kevda-Ketaki: Ketaki means flower. In India, 'Kevda' and 'Ketaki' are also names for the genus of screw pines – Pandanus – particularly for 'Pandanus oratissimus,' from whose fruits the so-called 'Kevda-Water' is extracted. In India, this 'water' is traditionally used in sweet things.

There is a popular Indian tale, in which some of the events described above had been integrated in a very distorted form. In this tale, the kevda-flower was excluded from the application in rituals of god-worship by Shiva, because it has borne false witness, whereas Brahma was cursed to have no worshippers because he had adopted the lie of the kevda-flower as his own, in order to crow over Vishnu.

Kevda-flower, correction: In fact the flower from the illustration above was Savitri, who told her grandmother Adhya a lie in agreement with Brahma and, therefore, was cursed by her to come as a kevda-tree. Because of his lie towards his mother Brahma was cursed by her to have no worshippers.

Niranjan’s curse on Adhya: Kal as Dharam Rai – the lord of justice – is scrupulously fair within the framework of the law which is administrated by him. Here he turns Adhya’s curse on Gayatri against herself. It is said that this curse was fulfilled when she incarnated as Draupadi in Dwapar Yuga during the time of the Mahabharata War and married the five Pandava brothers at the same time.

This is the law of 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.' A Roland for an Oliver.

For this reason, the Saints teach us:

Live and let live.

Or, in other words:

Do to others, as you want them to do to you.