3. The Creation of the lower Worlds

Dharam Das, understand what happened afterwards: 

Fire, air, water, earth and sky – all these came out from Kurma’s stomach. The five elements were taken from his stomach and the three qualities came out of his head.

In this way the three gunas were manifested and Dharam Rai developed the universe.

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

He mixed the elements and the gunas and gave them to the goddess, and then he created his own essence. He dropped three drops in the genital organ of the woman and three parts were created.

Five elements and three gunas were mixed: in this way the world was created.

From the first drop Brahma was born, who was given the Tamo Guna and the five elements. From the second drop Vishnu was born and was given the Rajo Guna and the five elements. From the third drop Mahesh was born and was blessed with Sato Guna and the five elements. Five elements and three gunas were mixed, and thus their bodies were made. That is why, again and again, the world is destroyed, and no one knows the secret of its beginning.

Then Dharam Rai said,

"Listen, oh woman! Obey me. You have the seed of life. Using it, develop the universe."

Again Niranjan said,

"Listen, my queen – do as I say. I have given you three sons. Now I am going to take my attention to the service of Sat Purush. Taking these three children, rule over the world, and don’t tell the secret of my existence to anyone. None of my three sons will have my darshan; if one searches for me, he will waste his life. Spread such beliefs in the world that no Soul will be able to get the knowledge of Sat Purush. When my three sons get older, send them to churn the ocean."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Explaining these things to the goddess, Niranjan became invisible. He resided in the cave of void consciousness – who can know this secret? He has become invisible; now understand your mind as Niranjan. When one defeats the mind and gets the knowledge of Sat Purush, Sat Purush Himself manifests within such a person.

– All the Jivas have become foolish and think that Kal is the inconceivable one. Involved in the tides of karma, they are suffering pain birth after birth. Kal troubles the Jivas, involving them in many karmas: he himself plays the tricks – but gives the consequences to the Jiva.

The three Gods churn the Ocean:
The Creation of fourteen Jewels

When the three boys became wise, their mother told them to go churn the ocean. But they were playing games, and didn’t want to go. Dharam Das, listen and understand what happened there! In the meantime it so happened, Niranjan practised Yoga and started blowing much wind. When he exhaled, out came the Vedas. The Vedas came out with his breathing, but few know this secret.

Then the Vedas prayed and asked,

"What are the oracles for us, oh Niranjan?"

They were told:

"Go and live in the ocean. Remain with him who will find you."

This sound occurred but the form was not seen. Only a deep light was seen. Then the Vedas shone by their own light as the world shines with the light of the sun. The Vedas came to where Dharam Rai had created the ocean. When they went into the depths of it, Dharam Rai thought of this: he spoke to the goddess, through invisible dhyan, and asked her why she was inhibiting the children from churning the ocean.

He told her,

"Quickly send the three children to churn the ocean! Obey my orders with determination."

Then he himself went into the ocean, while the goddess thought about churning it. She told the three boys what she wanted and, blessing them, she sent them.

"Go to the ocean quickly, my sons! There you will find the treasures."

Brahma obeyed her words and started towards the ocean. The other two followed him.


Three children went playing, like beautiful children of the swan. Catching each other and chasing each other they walked extraordinarily. Sometimes they walked, sometimes they ran, sometimes they stood waving their hands. Not even the Vedas sing of the beauty of that time. The three of them went and stood near the ocean. Each of them was wondering how to churn it.

The first churning of the Ocean

When each of them churned the ocean they got three things: Brahma got the Vedas, Vishnu fire, and Mahesh poison. Taking all three, they started happily home to their mother. They came to her and showed her their things. She told them to keep them to themselves.

The second churning of the Ocean

"Again go and churn the ocean. Whatever you get, keep it with you."

Saying this, Adhi-Bhavani played a trick, and created three women. Each of them had her essence in her. Each of them came before their mother, who distributed them among her sons. The three sons had gone to churn the ocean and didn’t know about the women. But when they churned this time, they found the three women, which made them very pleased. Taking the women with them, they came and bowed down to their mother.

The mother said,

"Listen, my children: these are for your work."

Each was given a woman and ordered to enjoy with her:

"Brahma, you take Savitri; Vishnu, you take Lakshmi."

Parvati was given to Shankar. These were the orders of their mother. Accepting whatever Adhya gave them, they bowed down to her. Receiving the women made them as happy as the chakor when it sees the moon at night. All three brothers indulged in lust and thus the gods and demons were born.

Dharam Das, understand this: the one who was once a girl became the mother.

Again the mother told them,

"All you brothers! Go and churn the ocean again! Whatever you get, keep it with you; and don’t delay!"

The third churning of the Ocean

Bowing their heads, the three sons went;

"We will do whatever you say."

They churned the ocean without any delay and distributed what they got among themselves. The mine of fourteen jewels came out, which they brought to their mother. All three brothers were happy; Vishnu took the nectar and Mahesh took the poison.


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