The Creation of Adhya

Then Sat Purush in His Will created a female who had eight parts in her body. She had eight hands, and came and stood on the left side of Sat Purush. 

Bowing her head she asked Him,

"Oh Sat Purush, what are Your orders for me?"

Sat Purush entrusts the Root Seed to Adhya

Then Sat Purush put His hand on her head and blessed her and said:

"Daughter, go to Dharam Rai. Take hold of that which I give you, and meeting with Dharam Rai, create the universe. The word of Dharam Rai shall be your command."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Then Sat Purush gave her the seed of the Jiva, whose name is Sohang. Sohang means, what I am that You are. There is no difference between Jiva and Sohang; Jiva is the essence of Sat Purush.

The Jiva is a part of me as the drop is a part of the ocean. The Soul is made of the same essence as Sat Purush Himself. And the drop is named drop, because it is separated from the ocean.

Sat Purush said to the daughter:

"The Jiva is a part of me. Because she is separated from me, she is called Jiva and if she re-unites with me, she will be a part of me and take the same form like me as the drop, that re-unites with the ocean will take the same form like the ocean."

Before Ashtangi wanted to leave Sat Purush, she took three blessings from Him:

  1. Even if she ate the whole world, she would always stay hungry.

  2. Even if she took the whole world as her espouse, she would always stay a virgin.

  3. Her consciousness will never decease.


When Sat Purush was pleased, He gave Ashtangi to Dharam Rai. She was told to go to Mansarovar and join with him. The woman Ashtangi was very beautiful and charming: she was ordered to go to Mansarovar and bring the dense creation into being.

– She was given the root seed of eighty-four lakhs of births. She went to create the living universe, after bowing her head to Sat Purush. All this was given to the first woman, who went to Mansarovar. Sat Purush called Sahaj immediately, and he came running.

Sat Purush said:

"Sahaj, go to Dharam Rai and tell him, 'You have been given that thing which you desired. The root seed has been sent to you. Now you can develop the universe as you like. Go and live in Mansarovar, so that the universe can be created.' "

Again Sahaj went to where Niranjan was standing in his devotion. When he told him the words of Sat Purush, Niranjan obeyed him.



She had eight hands: In fact Adhya had – like her brothers – a body from Sach Khand which cannot be compared with our physical bodies. Creation could not proceed without the creation of a 'female' principle. The difference between Adhya and her brothers is not to be understood as the antipode of man and woman, because it does not exist in Sach Khand. It is about a principle, that Kirpal Singh explained in His book 'The Mystery of Death.' (See the subsection 'The Creation was begun' in the illustration to the next subchapter 'The Frowardness of Niranjan.') It is immanent to this principle to fulfil many tasks at the same time.

In this way, in 2012, Souls who are physically embodied as women also have to harmonise household, children, profession and various marital duties with each other. Adhya can be considered as another Shabda that became necessary for the continuation of creation.

It corresponds to the urge of the female principle to be selfless and to build up. Where women fulfil their task, there is care, harmony and calmness. It is important that husbands grant their wives an own domain. Unfortunately, nowadays  women often devote too much to the external and, therefore cannot fulfil the tasks intended for them.

The lesson for a Soul embodied as a woman is to develop selflessness, whereas a Soul embodied as a man has to learn that nobody is allowed to stand between him and the Almighty.

What I am that You are: I and my Father are One.

Ashtangi: Another name for Adhya.

Eighty-four Lakhs of births: See the illustration 'Eighty-four Lakhs of species' in the subchapter 'Adhya orders her three Sons to create the Universe.'