2. The Devotion of Niranjan

His Acquisition of Mansarovar and the Void

In this way many days passed and after that this happened: 

Dharam Rai played this way – Dharam Das, listen to it: 

Standing on one foot he did the devotion of Sat Purush for seventy yugas and pleased Him. He did a very difficult devotion – that is why Sat Purush was pleased.

The word of Sat Purush came to him and asked:

"Why have you done this devotion?"

Bowing his head Dharam Rai said,

"Please give me some place where I can live."

Then he was ordered by Sat Purush,

"Oh Son, go to Mansarovar."

Then Dharam Rai felt much happiness in his heart and went to Mansarovar. When he came there, again he was full of happiness. Again he remembered Sat Purush and did his devotion for seventy yugas more. He did this devotion standing on one foot, and the gracious Sat Purush felt pity for him.

Sat Purush instructs Sahaj

When Sat Purush manifested His words, this is what came on His lips:

"Oh Sahaj, go to Dharam Rai and ask him why he has remembered me this time. He has done a very hard practice, so I give him the place where he lives.''

(So in a moment he was given the ownership of the three worlds.)

"I did this looking at his seva. The dear one has received the three worlds and is happy. Now go and ask him; whatever he says, come and tell me."

Sahaj meets Niranjan

Bowing his head, Sahaj started from there and went to Dharam Rai.

Sahaj said, 

"Listen, my brother, Sat Purush has accepted your devotion. Now what do you want? Tell me – Sat Purush has sent this message to you."

Niranjan replied immediately to Sahaj:

"Oh, Sahaj, my brother – go and make this request to Sat Purush: I don’t like this small place. Please give me a big kingdom. In my heart I have felt such Love for Him! He should bless me with a big place. He should either give me the world of the gods, or else a separate world." 

After listening to Dharam Rai, Sahaj went to Sat Purush and conveyed Dharam Rai’s request to Him.

After hearing the words of Sahaj, Sat Purush said this:

"I am pleased with Dharam Rai; take this to your heart: I have given him the three worlds, now go and tell him to develop the void plane. Oh Sahaj, tell him to make his creation there. 

– Oh Sahaj, go there quickly and tell this to Dharam Rai: he has been given the void plane where he can develop his own universe.''



Dharam Rai: Lord of justice. This name of Kal Niranjan, which will be often used for him from now on, puts the aspect of administration into words, since Kal is now entrusted with the development and administration of the lower worlds.

Seventy yugas: Seventy ages.

Sat Purush was pleased: It is not the act of standing on one foot that pleased Sat Purush, since standing on one foot does not have any objective value. It is the attention and Love associated with this act that pleases the Father. When a child wants to do something that he cannot yet do quite well and when he shows the result to his father, the – physical – father nevertheless will be pleased because of the child’s effort. He may say, 'Well done.' – But at the same time a physical father should also show the child how to do it correctly so that the child may learn it.

Mansarovar: The lake of Nectar, also called Amritsar, located in Daswan Dwar, one of the planes between Sach Khand and the three worlds of Kal’s creation. Daswan Dwar is the home of the Universal Mind.

A Soul ascending from the lower worlds and taking a bath in Mansarovar, becomes amar – immortal – and does not need to embody herself anymore, unless the Almighty calls upon her to do so. (Compare the subsection 'Sadhu' in the illustration to 'Death while being alive.')

Guru Nanak stated that the Spiritual Lake of Amritsar is the only True Place of Holy Pilgrimage which lies in every Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Sikh, in the believer as well as in the unbeliever. It is a cosmic centre of Spirituality where the longing soul is released from all its sins. […]

The Spiritual Lake of Amritsar is also known as 'Tribeni,' the confluence of three rivers of Spiritual Energy. These three cosmic streams of Love, Light and Power come down from the Supreme Lord to preserve and support the universe of universes.

The outer Tribeni which is a junction of the three sacred rivers, Ganges, Jumna and Saraswati, is also only symbolic of the Inner Tribeni. The real river, the Spiritual Currents of power are within, and so is Amritsar.

The sages of the past saw these things inside and named the outer objects after them just for instructing us. Only the Inner Tribeni, as well as the Inner Amritsar cleanse the soul of its karmas. After bathing there, the soul becomes 'amar' or immortal, and does not have to reincarnate.

The Soul’s Journey – Part II,
The Way through the super causal Regions

The creation of the planes lying between Sach Khand and the three lower worlds is not described in the Anurag Sagar. Mansarovar is situated in the most remote realm of creation that existed at that time.

Seva: Selfless service. Seva can be performed physically and through the Soul. The Highest Service is performed through the Soul – by connecting oneself with the Sound Current.

The void plane: The three worlds in their pre-existent state.