Paradigm of the Anul Bird

With the Grace of the Master the Jiva is called Sadhu, and, becoming the Anul Bird, goes back to her Eternal Home. Dharam Das, understand these words: I am telling you about the Anul Bird, who lives in the sky and is supported by the air day and night. She performs the sexual act through the eyes and in that way becomes pregnant. She lays her eggs in the sky, where there is no support: the egg is nourished while falling; in the sky it is hatched and the young bird takes birth; it is on the way that it opens its eyes, and on the way that it gets its wings.

When it finally reaches the earth it realises that this is not its home – realising that, it flies back to where its parents live. The Anul Bird doesn’t come down to bring the baby back – it itself goes home, treading the path. Many birds live in this world, but very few of them are Anul Birds. Birds like that are rare, and rare are the Jivas who merge themselves in Naam. If the Jiva can practise this Path, she can go back to Sat Lok – Sach Khand –, triumphing over Kal.

How a Sadhu becomes like an Anul Bird


When he goes only in the refuge of the Satguru and keeps only one desire – of Naam; when he keeps himself in the service of the Satguru day and night, and has no desire for wealth and property; when he forgets son, wife, and all the enjoyments and keeps himself attached to Satguru’s feet. (Then he becomes like an Anul Bird.)

What the Master gives to such a Sadhu

With the Grace of the Satguru he gets relief from the unbearable pain and achieves Sach Khand.

How one gets to the Motionless Plane

– By remaining in the Master’s remembrance, in thought, word, and deed, and by obeying the orders of the Master – Master gives one who does this the gift of liberation and merges him in Naam.

The Greatness of merging in Naam 

As long as the Jiva doesn’t merge herself in Naam, she wanders in this world. When she contemplates on the Formless and merges into Naam, all her doubts go away. If she merges into Naam even for a moment, its greatness cannot be described. Everybody talks about Naam but rare ones achieve the formless Naam. Even if one lives in Kashi for ages, without the Essential Shabd he will go to hell. Nimkhar, Badri Dham, Gaya or Prayag – even if he bathes in these holy places, and goes to all the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage, yet without the Essential Shabd illusion cannot go away. What can I say further about that Naam, repeating which the fear of Yama goes away?

What one gets by receiving Naam

One who gets Sat Naam from the Satguru goes to Sach Khand climbing the rope of Naam. Dharam Rai bows his head to him whose Soul merges into the Elementless.

The Essential Shabd – what It is

The Essential Shabd is a bodiless form. The Essential Shabd is beautiful, wordless. The body has elements and nature: the Essential Shabd is elementless and bodiless. In all four directions Shabd is talked about – only the Essential Shabd can liberate the Souls. The Naam of Sat Purush itself is the Essential Shabd and the Simran of Sat Purush is the Essential Shabd’s recognition. One who merges into It without doing the Simran by tongue – even Kal is afraid of him. The Path of the Essential Shabd is subtle, easy and perfect; but only the brave can follow it.

It is neither a word, nor a mantra or simran by tongue, nor a japa. It is a perfect thing, achieving which one can conquer Kal. The support of the Soul is in the head, and now I will tell you of the recognition of Shabd. One who gets connected with the unrepeated repetition gets to see the infinite-petalled lotus. When he reaches the astral door, he (ultimately) goes to Agam and Agochar (by way of) the True Path. His Inner Self – where Adi Purush resides – gets enlightened. Recognising Him, the Soul goes to Him – and He takes the Soul to her origin. The Soul is of the same essence as Sat Purush and is also called Jiva-Sohang. Dharam Das, you are a wise Saint. Recognise that Shabd which gives liberation.

How to meditate on the Essential Shabd –
The Way of practising Master’s Path


Repeat the unrepeated and with the Grace of the Perfect Master, test It. Keeping the wing of mind at rest, see the Shabd; and, climbing the mind, finish your karma. Reach the place where the Sound is produced without tongue and the rosary beads are moved without hands. Merging into the Essential Shabd, go to the world of immortality.

– The glory of the Inconceivable is limitless – millions of suns and moons cannot vie with one hair. The radiance of one Soul is equal to the light of sixteen suns.

The jubilation of Dharam Das:

Oh God, I sacrifice myself at Your Feet. Removing my pain, You have made me happy. Hearing Your words I am as happy as a blind man given eyes.

Kabir said:

Dharam Das, you are a pure Soul, who, meeting with me, have removed your pain. Just as you have loved me, leaving your wealth, home and sons, in the same way, the disciples who will do this and, with determination will attach their mind to Master’s feet, and will manifest Love within themselves for Master’s feet, sacrificing their body, mind and wealth on the Satguru – they will be most dear to me, and no one can ever stop them. The disciples who won’t sacrifice everything, and keep fraud in their hearts while showing love on their faces, how can they go to Sach Khand? Without manifesting Master within they cannot achieve me.

Dharam Das’ confession of gratefulness:

All this You have done, my God; I was very dirty. Showering Grace on me You Yourself came to me and, holding my hand, have saved me from Kal.


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