The Control over the Senses

Controlling the Faculty of Seeing

First of all control the eyes, and meditate on the Naam received from the Master. Seeing the beautiful form of God is the only worship for these eyes; he should not desire any other. One who understands beautiful and ugly as the same, and doesn’t look at the body, enjoys happiness forever.

Controlling the Faculty of Hearing

His ear should be fond of hearing good words, and should not like to hear bad words; but he who bears both – good and bad words – likes the knowledge of the Master to remain in his heart.

Controlling the Faculty of Smell

The nose is controlled by pleasant smells, but the clever Saints keep it in Their control.

Controlling the Faculty of Taste

The tongue wants pleasant tastes: sour, sweet and delicious tastes. But he who is dead while being alive does not know any difference between tasty and tasteless things. He does not get excited even if he is brought the five Nectars. He does not refuse food without salt, and lovingly accepts whatever is served him.

Controlling the male genital Organ

This organ is wicked and very sinful. Lust is conquered by only a few ones. A lustful woman is the mine of Kal. Leave her company and become the knower of the Guru.

The God of Lust is a Robber


Lust is a mighty, dangerous and pain-giving negative power, which made the gods, munis, yakshas, ghandharvas, indulge in sex. All of them were plundered – only a few who remained determined with the attribute of their knowledge were saved. Those who have the Light of the Satguru’s knowledge and are with Him, have the secret of the Path.

Controlling Lust

Whenever the wave of lust comes one should wake himself up. He should put his attention into Shabd and, keeping quiet, should drink the Nectar of Naam. When he merges into the Elementless, lust will be finished.

How one can escape from Lust, the Robber

– Enlighten your Inner Self with the lamp of knowledge. Meditate on the Satguru’s Shabd and the thief of darkness will run away.


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