Death while being alive

Dharam Das said:

Oh my God, tell me the attributes of the death while being alive so that the fire which is burning in my mind may be extinguished. Oh cloud of nectar, explain to me – how can this life die?

Kabir said:

Dharam Das, this is a complicated thing. Only a few can learn this from a Perfect Master.

Paradigm of Bhirangi

Those who serve the Saints as a dead while being alive, ultimately – grasping Shabd – achieve the Path to God. Just as the insect who, coming in contact with Bhirangi, develops its body.

Bhirangi attacks the insect with its sound, and one who catches that sound is taken by the Bhirangi to his home, where he turns it into his own form. The insect who catches the sound of Bhirangi, itself becomes Bhirangi. Rare are the insects who catch the sound of Bhirangi at the first attempt. Some catch it at a second attempt, some at a third, and sacrificing their body and mind they become the form of Bhirangi.

The insect who doesn’t catch the sound of Bhirangi remains as an ordinary insect forever. Oh Dharam Das, the disciple should receive the knowledge from the Master as the insect receives the sound from Bhirangi.

How does one achieve the Attributes of Bhirangi?

One who is determined to accept the teachings, I make him my own form: the Jiva who has no duality realises me. One who believes the words of the Masters, only he becomes the Bhirangi. When the crow merges itself into Shabd and leaves all her desires, she becomes a Hansa.

What is a Hansa?

– He who leaves the path of the crow and dwells on the True Shabd within, eating pearls – who gives his life to Sat Purush by following the Path shown by the Masters – is a Hansa.

More Paradigms of Death while being alive

Hear oh Saints, the nature of the death while being alive; rare are those who practise the Path of God. Hear more attributes of death while being alive: death while being alive serves the Satguru. Death while being alive manifests Love within him, and receiving that Love the Jiva gets liberation.

Paradigm of the Earth

The earth hurts no one – you be like that. Some put sandalwood on her, some throw dirt on her – still she hates no one. Death while being alive also hates no one – he is very happy even when opposed.

Paradigm of the Sugar Cane

Listen to more attributes of the death while being alive, and step on the Path shown by the Master only after testing and understanding it: when the farmer makes jaggery out of sugar cane, he cuts it into pieces; then it is crushed in the press and the juice is heated in the cauldron. After boiling the juice jaggery is made, and boiling the jaggery, raw sugar is obtained. Heating the raw sugar, refined sugar is obtained. When sugar again burns herself, rock candy is obtained.

Kabir says: 

From rock candy, sugar candy – which is liked by everyone – is made. In the same way, if the disciple bears all his sufferings, with Master’s Grace, he can easily cross the ocean of life.

Who can develop the Attributes of the Death while being alive?


Dharam Das, to develop the attributes of the death while being alive is hard; only a brave Soul can do it. The coward cannot bear to hear it. He runs away and feels as if his body and mind are burning. Only those disciples who are looked after by the Master can board the boat of Master’s knowledge. And this is true: that one who gets that knowledge, definitely goes to his Eternal Home.

Who is a Sadhu?

Oh Dharam Das, the Path of the Sadhu is very difficult. He who lives as a dead while being alive is a perfect Sadhu. He who has controlled the five organs of senses and drinks the Nectar of Naam day and night is a Sadhu.

The Death while being alive

– Only he who becomes dead while being alive is a Sadhu and only he realises the Satguru. He removes all illusions and even the gods depend on him.


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