The Indications of a Lover

Dharam Das said:

Oh Satguru, folding my hands I beg You, please clear up this doubt of mine: how do I recognise the one within whom Love manifests? What does a lover look like? Without Love the Jiva cannot be liberated – oh my God, tell me about that Love, and give examples to explain it to me.

The Satguru said:

Oh Dharam Das, I will explain to you the attributes of the lover; listen attentively so that you may recognise him.

Paradigm of the Deer

Intoxicated by the music, the deer runs and comes to the hunter. He doesn’t have any fear, not even when he sacrifices his head. Hearing the music he sacrifices his life – a lover should do the same.

Paradigm of the Moth

A lover should be like a moth when it goes near light.

Paradigm of Sati

Oh Dharam Das, listen to more examples and manifest the Satguru’s Shabd. Be like the woman who burns herself with her dead husband, and while burning doesn’t move her body. One who leaves her house, wealth and friends, and in the pain of separation, goes alone. She doesn’t stop even when people bring her son before her, and try to catch her in attachment – when people say, Your son is weak and will die, and without you your home will be lonely. – When people say, You have plenty of wealth, come back home. – She is in the pain of separation from her husband and nothing attracts her.


People try to persuade her in many ways but the determined woman doesn’t listen. She says, My condition is such that I have nothing to do with wealth and property. In this world, one lives for a few days, and in the end none is our companion – so, dear friends, understanding this I have caught hold of my husband’s hand.

– Thus with determination she climbs the funeral pyre, and taking her husband in her lap, she becomes Sati, repeating the Name of the Lord.

Attributes of the Real Lover

Oh Dharam Das, understanding the reality, I am telling you about Love. Those who meditate on Naam in such a way that they forget their family, who do not have the attachment of son and wife, and who understand this life as a dream, are Real Lovers. 

Brother, in this world life is very short, and the world doesn’t help at its end. In this world woman is loved the most; not even parents are loved so much. 

But the woman for whom one lays down his life doesn’t help at the time of death. She weeps for her own self and at once goes to her parents’ home. Son, kinsfolk and wealth are dreams, so my advice to you is to achieve Sat Naam. Nothing goes with us in the end – not even the body which we love so well.

Only the Satguru can rescue us from Kal

Brother, I don’t see anyone who can release us at the end time, except One – Whom I will describe – loving Whom your purpose will be served. The Satguru is the only One Who can get us released; believe this as true.

What does the Satguru do?

Defeating Kal, He takes the Soul to the Motionless Plane, where Sat Purush is. Reaching there, one finds infinite happiness and is freed from coming back to this world.

How can one reach the Motionless Plane?


One who will climb the Path of Truth believing my words, like the warrior who marches ahead in battle and doesn’t worry about what is behind – so become like the warrior and the Sati, and take the knowledge of the Path from the Saint. Take refuge in the Satguru and, developing the death while being alive, rid yourself of Kal’s pain.

Rare are those Souls who accomplish it

– Kabir says this, after reflection: Only the brave one who does this can achieve the Beloved.


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