Introduction to the Anurag Sagar

Kabir SahibThe following version of the Anurag Sagar of Kabir is something special; in no other scripture the story of creation, as it really happened, is told as detailed. Kabir also describes how He came on earth by mission and as an embodiment of Sat Purush in all four ages; each time having another name, to tell the Truth, to connect Souls with Naam and to establish the line of the Gurumukh Gurus by Whom the constant presence of Truth on earth was provided.

At this Kabir Sahib uses those very direct and honest words which are typical for Him. Here, similar to His other published texts the relation between the opposites in the creation, the two forces – Brahm and the Absolute – are in the foreground.

In this edition of the Anurag Sagar the publisher attached importance to bringing up the contemporary matters of the Sant Mat in the equally direct way. There is no reason any more that untruth continues to be tolerated and Truth is suppressed.

False tolerance always led to conflicts and even in this fraction of time of the 21st century anno Domini – according to the calculation of times of the Gregorian calendar – the Souls that are on the Way are confronted with the same hindrances as in former ages.

The detailed illustrations in this book give a hint of the glorious possibilities the Soul holds in herself, but it also could not be ignored to give the reader an exact overview of the decrial of the One Truth, Sat, nowadays. At this juncture, some of these texts may make an appalling effect, but they act as a demonstration of fundamental facts, which concern many involved humans directly and which finally concern the entirity of mankind, that is One, as a whole.

Each group that does not have Naam but proclaims it, each representative of the different mental teachings, each person who acts as a teacher towards others and who does not have Naam but seemingly proclaims the highest, each religion that does not give Naam practically to its members, just as their torchbearers have done it, all these are the essence of Kal.

True people of humility, littérateur or scientist, farmer or family father, know that there is one Power that pervades all; they know that God is. But take into consideration: ten of one million receive Naam, that is the relation. Do not ask why, the limited human intellect has no right to complain about creation. Everything serves a higher purpose, hidden to the good, extraordinary and complete.

Ask, and it shall be given you, [...] knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

St Matthew 7:7