I am the Knower (Gyan) of the True Home

[…] Kabir says:

I am the knower of the True Home of the Father and have come to give you the message of God.

God’s message is:

I am the Lord of all creation. Man is the highest in all creation. He is next to Me. I have given equal privileges to all mankind. They are born the same way and with the same outer and inner construction. This is the golden opportunity you have been given to know Me. […]

I sent Saints and Prophets to awaken and to bring you back to Me but you did not care to come. Instead of appreciating Their services, you have been molesting Them.

I sent Christ – the Word made flesh – Who reminded you vehemently:

Change your mind, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

[…] All Saints and Prophets I sent to the East or West; Their lives were filled with the rapture of the vision of the Unity of all races and religions in the spirit. […]


Source: Sat Sandesh / January 1968, 'The Master’s Message.'