To the interested Reader

The Anurag Sagar in its present form is a blessing. It is a hint about the setting, it clears the picture, no more, no less. It is neither the Path nor the solution.

Whoever proclaims, Kabir was the Path, deceives himself and all others.

Kirpal Singh said:

Sat Purush is the Highest Expression of the Absolute.

Whoever misuses the knowledge of this Anurag Sagar for his own purposes, falls prey to the four messengers of Kal.

Take into consideration, only the contact with Shabd and the practice of the True Surat Shabd Yoga, with the support of the Satguru, brings to an end the great illusion and the drama of creation for the Jiva.

In this Kali Yuga, Jivas have poor knowledge. Instead of humbly receiving the knowledge from the Satguru, regrettably they ape others.

Please find back your dignity!

The Publisher