Appendix – I


But initiates who commit false acts are by no means to be condemned. It is the Negative Power which keeps the Souls imprisoned by the snares of duality. These people, however, must understand that their straw had been broken at the time of initiation. The Sanchit Karma had been completely dissolved. If the initiates kept their diary correctly they would have under control the Kriyaman Karma and all depicted aberrations would not even occur. For this reason Kirpal Singh advised to keep the diary conscientiously and to attend one’s meditation conscientiously (however not according to the motto 'I know my mistakes and for this reason I do not inscribe them anymore'). As soon as shortcomings appear here, mind-currents slowly creep in manifolding themselves kaleidoscopically. And as long as the hand of the Negative Power is on the heads of the people, even the True Masters cannot help. (See the illustration 'So he changed Brahma’s intellect' in the subchapter 'Dharam Rai tries to deceive Gyani – later Kabir – and gets a Part of the secret Knowledge.')

So it came about that even one Soul who testified to Kirpal’s Grace and who was always pleased that Souls were connected with Naam even after Kirpal’s physical departure and who was present herself at many of these initiations, identified herself with the machinations of structures. In 1994 she started a propaganda against a disciple of Kirpal Singh – where Souls were allowed to get this connection with Naam – by sending circular letters in which she discredited this disciple in a terrible way.

Then, in 2000 she apologised sincerely to the disciple for she had realised how blended she had been by the structure that surrounded her and by several people around her.

Many disciples especially from the USA and India who were allowed to meditate quite well during Kirpal’s lifetime and who had higher experiences in their life which they however could not convert to being an example for others, may be reminded one more time of what Kirpal Singh once mentioned:

Not the level of experiences in meditation shows the disciple’s state but what he himself lives.

A sloppy teacher for example is of no use to a journeyman because he cannot gain any professional competence in this way. Even disciples who do not live according to the Truth are of such little use to the seeker after Truth.

Studying the illustrations the attentive reader will realise that there are lots of these sloppy teachers in form of disciples who mislead others and send them to false masters.

But regardless of all the deeds that the Negative Power imposes on the Soul, the Soul is allowed to change through the Grace of the Almighty when she is receptive.

As it has been handed down, the son of Guru Nanak for example led astray many souls. Only after many years and several masterships after Guru Nanak he surrendered all his deeds – his whole life – to the Living Master so that all those who had followed him could be saved by being placed on the right side of the play.

However those who were led astray in the modern time – 20th century / beginning of the 21st century – and who are allowed to come to the True Satsang through Kirpal’s Grace but have criticism in their heart, they do not get anything because they are captured in their self-ignorance, and those who come out of curiosity will not receive anything.

Besides all those apparent confusions there are however also disciples who go the Path of Sant Mat as it is intended by the Masters and who are of help to develop the great change since the beginning. They have been ordered to come into the world by Kirpal Himself and they live for Him inwardly. Neither do they belong to a structure nor did they found an institution or intend to ever found one.

Kirpal Singh said accordingly:

We have to do honest self-practice to see how far we have come on the Inner Path and have gained control over mind and senses. We can use the mystical experiences of past Masters and the teaching of Their practical lives to see if we have really uplifted ourselves to these extraordinary heights. If this is not so, we can come humbly near to One Who has done so and accept His help.

Kirpal Singh wrote in a circular letter:

No True Master has ever been interested in attracting large numbers to Himself and quantity has never been my aim. It is quality that counts and I would rather have a handful of disciples, nay even one, who can sacrifice his ego on the Spiritual Altar and learn to live by Love, than millions who understand not the value and meaning of these virtues. […]

Circular Letter No 17 –
The Psychology of Mysticism,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

This is the meaning of the place where there is True Satsang. The real disciples are not eager for gathering crowds of people but they are of help to individuals on the Spiritual Path.

Actually this should also be the premise for 'Kirpal Sagar' for example. However all those, who found structures or just even are eager for being a member of such a one do not belong to those of the abovementioned category.

In His message for the remembrance of Hazur Sawan Singh from 1960, Kirpal wrote:

On birthday anniversary of Hazur Sawan Singh I send you all my fondest love and blessings and wish you progress day by day to achieve your Goal of Life. Sink down all differences and love one another to prove worthy sons of the Almighty and bear the torch of Light brought to the world by the Great Masters.

For all those who were initiated by Kirpal Singh but who did not spend enough time in conscious connection with Naam because of the adversities of life and whose Spiritual Development therefore was at rest, the Living will become alive again when they sincerely go to their Guru Bhai wherever he may currently be – as it is written down in the text 'That Master of Eternal Domain' in the foreword at the beginning of the Anurag Sagar – and when they attend the True Satsang again. Turning again to their True Master, the Almighty Himself, they will usually regain His guidance on the Path of Love.

May the Almighty bless you all, and take all those, who have not been initiated yet, in His Spiritual Herd. In Love for you all,