The Report after the great Change

As Kabir reports on the future in the present Anurag Sagar describing that Souls do not have any knowledge any more in Kali Yuga but run after everybody and are only bent on aping others, so the report after the great change from Kali Yuga to Sat Yuga will be a report on the past as it will begin where Kabir ceased with the Anurag Sagar.

As in the past, this report will be written by an embodiment as Kabir was in previous ages.

The Anurag Sagar tells about the affairs of the Souls who received Naam practically in the previous four ages and it also reports on those pitiable Souls who did not recognise Naam. 

Today, in the second decade of the 21st century, at the end of Kali Yuga, the insight of Guru Nanak had come true: in the form of Kirpal, the Almighty was embodied to take along all Souls who have received Naam in the last four ages and to guide them to their True Home, if they wish that voluntarily. 

Kirpal said accordingly: 

[…] The Golden Age will rise from the Iron Age. For you, who have received Naam the Golden Age is already here. Who does not go voluntarily now, has a long way before him. […] No new Souls were initiated.

Before Kirpal Singh left His body He stressed the possibility that everyone who has received Naam could be His ambassador, in the sense of being an ambassador of Truth on earth.

Even today, 36 years after He had left His physical body, the blessing is unbroken; more than that, it is greater than ever for this Power is not bound to physical laws anymore. Having a close look we see that Kal has no chance to stop the Spiritual Revolution, unless the initiates give a chance to this power by not living after Truth.

The big misunderstanding lies in the fact that those who have received Naam try to tie Truth to their lives instead of trying to tie their lives to Truth.

Nanak Sahib said:

Truth is above all, but True Living is above Truth.

And Kirpal stressed this fact again and again.

Now a new chapter begins. This chapter will be about how Souls who received Naam dealt with this blessing – after Kirpal had visited the ocean of life; what was meant to be and what happened actually. So the contemporary initiates will become figures in a new report, just as the initiates and the unknowing Jivas-Sohang of the past days had become figures in the Anurag Sagar.

This is not yet put down, but it is going to be written.

The now-living initiates are those who write the first chapter of the new report. They establish the literary basis by their ways of living.

At the time after Kabir, all Saints, Bhagats and Seers reported again and again how, at the end of the Kali Yuga, Kal makes the Souls dance, how he uses the initiates as trappers for his illusion and how he misuses those who have received Naam by being allowed to proclaim their infamous actions as truth.

One deed of an initiate has an effect on the great mystery at the rate of one to one hundred thousand. – One right action causes one hundred thousand good actions within humanity, one failing or default causes the opposite. In the case of Those Who personify Naam or are its agent the proportion is one to infinite.

The human being is not evil; it is the ignorance of the contents of the law: As you sow, so shall you reap.

The Saints are not afraid of the karmas that They commit knowingly but of those karmas that They may commit unknowingly.

A True Disciple writes down the biography of his Master by his living. 

May the Almighty grant us the Grace to use this time we are living in to finally reach our very aim, that is, the realisation of Unity.

There is no organisation that has the patronage of this aim as it was fixed by the Almighty Himself. It is the living movement in the heart of the people that creates this change.

Kirpal Singh said: 

Unity already exists, we have only forgotten it! I came to uncover Truth for you.

Shout it from the rooftops that now the Almighty has opened the gates and a continuous current of Life, Light and Love streams down and can be received by everyone who is sincere. Go to a Khalsa, a Gurumukh who helps you to grasp the True Naam. Use the guidelines given by Kirpal that are necessary to become a receptive vessel and to finally grasp the Light of God and to hear the Voice of God – the audible Sound Current that comes only from the right side and later from above.

Since the 1970s, I never met a Jiva-Sohang who was not allowed to grasp Naam. Even in the 21st century, Kirpal appears to the seekers after Truth and the blessing is as great as during His lifetime. The initiation is given even today as a free gift through the Grace of the One God and the God working through my Master Kirpal Singh.

May all become His ambassadors.

Bhai Jamal



To tie Truth to their lives: Every initiate who does not abandon his habits but wants to integrate Truth into his life, will not achieve the last aim.
To tie their lives to Truth: That is, to suit one’s life to Truth. This leads to what is described in the Marriage Hymn by Guru Ram Das as the second stage. (See the subsection 'Accept Naam with Love and determination' in the illustration to 'The Indispensability of the Guru.')
One to one hundred thousand: Kirpal Singh once mentioned that we are all part of the great mystery. When we change, the great mystery is changed.
By his living: This is also what the introduction written by Kirpal Singh in 'Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj with a short narrative  brief Life-Sketch' (Fourth Edition, 1973) refers to:

In this short pamphlet is given a life-sketch of that Holy Personality at Whose feet I have been fortunate to sit.

An humble atom is hardly in the position to mention the vastness and virtues of the sun. Yet the hope, that an account of the Sacred Life of His Holiness will serve as a beacon-light for guidance of many souls who have gone astray, prompted me to attempt this difficult subject.

If His Mercy continues to pour blessings, I hope to present shortly a detailed and lucid biography** of this Godman.

Humble atom

* Pen name of Kirpal Singh – publisher of the original edition from 1949.

** One pandit, Guru Dutt by name, was a disciple of Swami Dayanand, the founder of the Arya Samaj. Somebody said to him that he should write the life story of his Guru. 'All right', he said, 'I’ll write.' Two months, three months passed, and they asked him what he was doing. He said, 'I am writing.' Six months, a year passed and they wanted to know what he was doing with it. He replied, 'Oh, I am writing very hard.' Another two years passed and they again asked him how much he had written. 'Oh, I am writing very hard,' he said. What is the writing of a Master’s life? It is just to have the very qualifications of the Master in our own life. […]

Morning Talks (First Edition, 1970) –

XXXIV. How we can please the Master,

by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Instead of writing down the life story of their Master in the way described above by their own way of life, many initiates and formations who are bent on patronage concerning the Way of Sant Mat or Kirpal’s Mission are occupied with publishing written biographies of Kirpal Singh. These books occasionally contain many nice photos in form of complex series of pictures and even in other respects they are visually very appealing.

Even these books and also books and pamphlets of Kirpal Singh are often copyrighted. The organisation 'Unity of Man' for example published a biographie of Kirpal Singh with a self-explanatory bumptious copyright. It says:

Published and printed by
Unity of Man – Sant Kirpal Singh
Verein zur Verbesserung der menschlichen Beziehungen
Steinklüftstraße 34
5340 St. Gilgen – Austria / Europe

Copyright 1994, 2007 by Unity of Man

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

First edition 1994, printed in India
Second revised edition 2007, printed in Austria

This is in and of itself not according to Kirpal’s intention, because Kirpal Singh has written all His scriptures without copyright. Not until this action, which does not have anything to do with Truth but solely serves to make money out of Kirpal’s scriptures or to highlight one’s own pseudo-importance for instance, was noticed from outside and mentioned, it has at least partly not been done any longer by the formations, for example the Unity of Man Organisation. Some of these formations, amongst others Ruhani Satsang USA, Germany and India and structures which have adopted the Sant Mat however without being in contact with Truth, have founded own publishing companies. Through these companies they publish amongst other things books and scriptures of Kirpal Singh, copyrighted and without copyright. Many of these books are sold for money under the guise of 'cost price.'

It is better to publish all scriptures of Kirpal Singh and all other scriptures which are related to Truth without copyright and free of cost so that they are freely available for all humans.

Once Kirpal Singh said:

I have written books without any copyright – no rights reserved – because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free.

Source: Public lecture by Kirpal Singh (Audio),
Santa Clara University, San José, California,
on 16 November 1972

Should someone has to relate Truth and he would like to avoid that the contents of his publications might be modified or misused, it is at most reasonable to provide it with an open licence.

Realisation of Unity: The Unity of Man Conference in 1974 also served this purpose. In a talk at this conference Kirpal Singh described its aim as follows:

The aim of the conference to the Unity of Man is to spread the ideal of the unity of man: the whole mankind is One.

Patronage of this aim: Kirpal Singh did not entrust any organisation with this task and He also did not wish to do that. This is documented in His last circular letter 'On the Unity of Man' from 15 May 1974, paragraph 9. (See the subsection 'Unity of Man and Kirpal Sagar' in 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part III / II,' particularly the passage about the circular letter.)
A continuous current of Life, Light and Love: This is the blessing of Sat Purush that streams down day and night and can be seen like a golden rain
even with open eyes by those who truly see.