The Meaning of the Name Kirpal

The Merciful One, The Power of Mercy of which Guru Nanak said, that It comes down on earth at the end of the Kali Yuga – the Iron Age –, to take all disciples of the past Masters finally back Home – embodied as Kirpal Singh on 6 February, 1894.

He was appointed by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh as His Spiritual Successor and left His physical body on 21th August, 1974 in New Delhi, India.

Working since than through His Gurumukhs and Khalsas.

The Almighty Kirpal-Power came down on earth to wind up the Kali Yuga.

John Donne said:

God clothed Himself in the vile man’s flesh, that so He might be weak enough to suffer woe.

Kirpal insisted that a Gurumukh or Khalsa is Someone, Who is able to give a living contact with the God-into-Expression-Power, the Inner Sound Current, Naam or Word to the sincere seeker after Truth at the time of initiation.

Many seekers after Truth meet Him today in meditation and are guided to His Gurumukhs, i.e. the mouthpieces of the Guru – disciples Who have achieved such a degree of surrender that the Guru talks through Them –, and His Khalsas, i.e. the pure ones, to get this vital contact, to go back to their Eternal Home according to the human birthright. – A Khalsa is He, Who has seen the Great Light.

Guru Gobind Singh says:

The pure Khalsa is One in Whom the Light of God is fully manifested.

He further goes on to say: 

Khalsa is my True Form; I reside in Khalsa, He is the life of my life, and my very prana (vital airs); Khalsa is my valiant friend, Khalsa is my Satguru Pura (fully Competent Master); I have told no untruth. I tell this in the presence of Par Brahm and Guru Nanak.

Today the Khalsa – Pure One – with perfect, resplendent Light within is authorised to carry on the work of Spiritual Instruction and guidance to seekers after Truth.

At the Unity of Man Conference from 3rd February until 6th February, 1974 in New Delhi, India, Kirpal Singh gave this following statement:

So what I say to you is nothing new. I would request all of you to spread it, all that you have heard here, wherever you go. Proclaim it from the house-tops that there may be peace and happiness on earth. So I pray to God and you pray with me that He grants us His special Grace and provides for us to have first-hand experience of Reality. The ideal before us is this:

That we are all One!

Kirpal Singh