The Wedding Hymn by Guru Ram Das 

A soul is extremly fortunate, if by great destiny she has obtained a human birth, which is very rare and precious. But she is far more blessed, if, by God’s desire, she gets the contact  with the Word – Naam, Bani, Saut, etc. –, the God-in-Expression-Power, during this embodiment.

The following Hymn by Guru Ram Das describes the way, which the soul, being embodied in a human form and initiated, has to go through. Four stages of life must be gone through, to achieve the Last Aim, the union with the Lord. This Hymn refers to the degrees of consciousness, that those souls have to traverse, who have the fortune, to be blessed with this contact.

Guru Ram Das, in His hymn, names the soul a bright and the Almighty the brightgroom.