Some Principles of Spirituality

  1. Perform no action in secret – if anything requires secrecy, abandon it at once.

  2. Do nothing which after being done leads you to tell lies.

  3. Do not desire evil for anyone, irrespective of creed or colour – even in thought.

  4. Help some poor persons, as He is in all: and do not hurt anyone by word + deed.

  5. Never remain alone. All your words and actions be as if you are in His presence.

    (Words in Urdu)

  6. Devote time morning and evening to Bhajan + Simran fully just as a child who has no wisdom. In the evening review your evil + sin – a hard task master. Repent any mishaps, any failures in overcoming them.

  7. (Words in Urdu)

  8. See no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil, think no evil.

  9. Get up between 3 and 4 am. Take Exercise and Satvic diet, do charity regularly according to means (1/10, 1/16, 1/40), study scriptures of various religions or attend Satsang – observe (Urdu). Preserve vital force. It is God, it is all power and all wealth.

  10. Maintain Spiritual Diary – four cornerstones (1) Ahimsa (2) Satyam (3) Brahmcharya (4) Love for all – (5) Selfless service –

    Do Simran + Bhajan regularly.

  11. Reduce your personal wants and and do not depend on others for self requirement – reliance on God-Power in you, over your head – is the highest of all virtues.