The Naam or Word is within you. This is to be contacted within. The observance of the outer rituals and performance of so-called meritorious deeds cannot be of any help in this matter. While the untold treasure of Divinity lies hidden within, we search for It without and so all our efforts go in vain.

Emerson in this connection says,

The human body is a temple of God and as such God can only be made manifest from within.

The contact between an individual spirit or human soul and the Oversoul is of course established by a Master-Soul by means of the Sound Current or Word.

Another Saint, Bikha, says:

Oh Bikha, there is no man starving in this world. Everybody has a diamond of precious value within. They do not know how to withdraw from the body and concentrate the sensory current and transcend the lower chakras in the body, or just analyse oneself from the body. That is why they feel hungry. They have the thing within them but they do not know how to come out of the body to contact it.

The Sound Current or Word is contacted through the medium of Simran, which withdraws the spirit current from the body. When the current comes up to the seat of the soul in the waking state, only then it contacts the Conscious Power working throughout the whole creation. It will therefore appear that Simran or the process of the sweet remembrance of the Word is the stepping-stone to contacting the Word within. The first step is therefore to do the Simran or repetition of the charged words given by a Competent Master, and the second step is, when the soul is withdrawn to its seat in the body at the back of the two eyes, it contacts the Word Which is called Naam, Shabd, Nad, Akash Bani, Kalma, Sraosha, etc.

This Word has two phases: one is of Light and the other of Sound, which the soul experiences when it comes in contact with that Power. He sees the Light of God and hears sweet symphonies of the rapturous strains of the Sound Current going on within Which gives Its sweetness very sublime and ineffable; so sweet that no words can convey.

Farid, a Muslim Saint, says:

Oh Lord, there are so many sweet things in the world such as honey, buffalo milk, sugar, but the sweetness that Your Name conveys, oh Lord, is far sweeter than all these.

It is a subject to be done practically and tasted by the individual self. It is not a matter of routine only nor of mere talking. It is a matter to be experienced by contact within. Those Who have tasted the sweet elixir of It have talked about It in glowing terms.

Once Guru Nanak met Babar, the great King of India, who was taking an intoxicant. He offered it to Guru Nanak Who told him,

Babar, this drug that you are taking loses its intoxication, but the intoxication I have by contacting the Word of God is everlasting and cannot be diminished.

So it is an interesting subject. Those who have once tasted a bit of It can never forget It. All the world’s enjoyments and other things lose their weight and value in their own eyes. Constant remembrance of the Lord further gives a wakefulness to the man who is engaged in it.

Tennyson in his Memoirs gives an instance of his experience of a waking trance he had, which could be interesting to know. He says:

A kind of waking trance I have frequently had quite up from boyhood, when I have been all alone. This has generally come upon me through repeating my own name two or three times to myself silently till all at once, as it were out of the intensity of consciousness of individuality, the individuality seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless being and this is not a confused state but the clearest of the clearest, the surest of the surest, the wisest of the wisest, utterly beyond words, where death was a laughable impossibility, the loss of personality – if so it were – seemingly but the only True Life. I am ashamed of my feeble description, have I not said the state is utterly beyond words.

This wakefulness Tennyson had by remembering his own name two or three times, quite calmly; this was, as it were, dipping into his own self, the soul. If we but dip in our source – God – by constant remembrance, losing our own selves into the whole, how much greater consciousness and wakefulness full of intoxication we would have. We can well consider all this.

Thank you for your patient hearing.

Kirpal Singh