Chapter II

The Seat of Simran

Now we have to see where the repetition of Naam is to be done. The Divine Ground on which Simran should be done is the centre between the two eyebrows called variously as Third Eye, Tisra Til, Shiv-Netra or Nukta-i-Sweda. It is the gateway leading to the subtle planes.

In the state of wakefulness it is the seat of the spirit or psyche and it is located above the six physical ganglions. We have to transcend both the astral and causal planes above the physical plane.

The Yogis step by step cross over the six physical centres until they finally and completely traverse and go over the physical plane. Instead of descending down into the lower ganglions and then going up by piercing them through in the upward journey, it would be easier and better by far if one were to commence the journey right ahead from the seat of the soul in the wakeful state which is at the back of the two eyes.

The easiest way to withdraw the spirit from the body to its own seat is by means of some mental Simran, as may be enjoined by the Master-Soul.