The sweet Remembrance of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Mr Khanna has asked me to give some message on my birth anniversary. The day of my physical birth fell on the 6th of February, 1894. The true date of my birth is the day when I sat physically at the Holy Feet of my Master Sawan Singh in February 1924. Still the truer date is when I was reborn anew into the beyond and met my Master in all His Glory in 1917, i.e., seven years before my meeting with Him physically.

I respect all Holy Scriptures of all the Saints Who came in the past as they all were given by inspiration of God. I had the good fortune to sit at the feet of my Master. That which I have received of my Master is what I deliver unto you.

I find it parallel with what all the past Saints have said. The difference is in the language or the way of expression, but the subject matter is the same. They all talk as to how to liberate our souls from mind and matter and know ourselves and know God. At the time of initiation the Satguru resides with the devotee. He is with you always even unto the end of the world and will be extending all feasible help. He will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Whosoever’s mind is stayed on Him with full faith, He will keep him in perfect peace. There is hope for everybody.

Master-Power comes into the world to save sinners and to put them on the Way back to God. It is for you to remain devoted to Him, and keep His commandments.

The rest is for Him to do. God is Love. You are also Love. Love is the potent factor in meeting God.

He that loveth not, knoweth not God.


thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.

I wish you to be the doers of the Word and not hearers only, for an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of theories. Reformers are badly needed, not of others, but of themselves. You shall have Godhead as salary. I wish you all Godspeed in your efforts to tread the Way back to God, which lies within you. My Love and best wishes are always with you and will remain with you.

The mystery of life is solved in the company of those who have solved that for themselves. How to find such a man? One Who has solved this mystery can help in finding the same Truth.

Someone questioned Guru Nanak as to how one could find a True and Real Guru, and by what signs He could be recognised.

Guru Nanak replied:

The human body is a temple of God, and it is by turning within that we meet God.

There is a way from this house of the body to another house within – the Nij Ghar or Sach Khand – which is the Real House; and here the soul finds everlasting peace.

The human body is just like a rented house, given to us temporarily – i.e., allotted span of life – until, in the meanwhile, the soul is wise enough to gain access to her permanent abode of everlasting bliss.

Now, the Real and True Master is One Who can show us the way out to the Kingdom of God within this body and can lead the soul from stage to stage until the kingdom is gained and the soul comes into her own.

The human body, like any other physical thing, is subject to decay and disintegration. Even this world suffers dissolution. But Sach Khand or the Kingdom of God alone is indestructible and eternal. The process of dissolution works up to the realm of Triloki or three worlds – physical, astral and causal planes – and that of Grand Dissolution up to the subtlest of the causal planes, but it cannot reach Sach Khand, or Sat Lok or Mukam-i-Haq as the Mohammedans call it – New Jerusalem of the Christians –, for it is the veritable Kingdom of God, as spoken of by Christ. The Saints have therefore set Sach Khand as Their goal, which is beyond the ken of Dissolution and Grand Dissolution.

Next, the Satguru or the True Master points out the Way to the Kingdom of God. He tells us that the Divine Music comprised of five strains or melodies is always going on in the body. This continuous symphony is the connecting link between the Creation and the Creator. It is the ladder which the soul has to climb step by step in its onward journey to the Kingdom of God. This Music is most melodious, the like of which cannot be found on Earth. It has immense attraction and an irresistible appeal. The different melodies begin from Sahasdal Kanwal – the region of the thousand-petalled lotus – and reach as far as Sach Khand. The Master-Soul gives a contact to the human soul at the lowest end of the musical notes, besides some experience of the withdrawal of the sensory current from the body, both of which have to be developed by daily practice.

The Satguru comes into the world with the treasure of Naam. The Muslims call It the Nada-i-Asmani – Heavenly Music – and the Christians describe iI as Word. The treasure of Naam is not the heritage of this or that particular nation or community, nor of any particular country, nor of any religion, caste or creed. Again, this treasure is freely distributed by a Master-Soul to all, irrespective of any of the above considerations. An aspirant may be a Brahmin or Kshatriya, a Hindu or a Muslim, or anything else, for that is not of any consequence. Each one of us can learn the Art of Life and the Science of Spirituality so as to find a way out to the Kingdom of God which is the common heritage of all and the summum bonum of life.

Again, a Master-Soul may come into the world in any garb He may choose. It is of no consequence to the aspirants for Spirituality. Any such considerations will surely be a hindrance and a positive disadvantage. Our only connection with the Master-Soul is purely of a Spiritual Nature and not a temporal one.

Saint Kabir, though a Muslim weaver, had among His followers Rajput chieftains like Bir Singh and Bhaghail Singh. Similarly Saint Ravi Das, cobbler by profession, had Mira Bai, a Rajput princess, and Raja Pipa in His Sacred Fold.

All that we have to ascertain is that the Master is Shabda Sanehi – He Who loves the Word and is Word Personified – and can give us first-hand experience of the Shabd or the Sound Principle to start with. If He satisfies these conditions, we should have no scruples on any ground whatsoever in accepting Him and learning from Him the Science of Spirituality.

The macrocosm is in the microcosm. The human body is the prototype of the universe and much more than that. In it there are millions of solar systems with their suns, moons and earths revolving in and out. The sweetest of the Sweet Music is also going on in it, emanating from the True Throne of the True King –  God.

A Muslim divine also says in this respect:

When I heard the bewitching strains of that Celestial Song, Kaaba (the holiest of the holy places of Muslim worship) and the temple (of the idol worshipers) both appeared to be bad caricatures before the Divine Intoxication It gave.

Maulana Rumi says:

The Saints are the True Devotees of God, always listening to the Divine Music within. That infuses life into the lovers of God.

Shamas-i-Tabrez, another Muslim Saint, also speaks of It:

Every moment a strange type of call is coming from the Heaven. I hear that voice and nothing else. Blessed indeed are they who hear this call.

This Song is unique in character. No language can describe It – neither Turkish, nor Arabic, nor Persian, nor any other. It is in fact an Unspoken Language and an Unwritten Law unto Itself.

The Prophet Mohammed once declared that He listened to the Voice of God just as He listened to any other voice. But when questioned as to why it could not be heard by others, He said,

You cannot hear this Voice as your ears have been sealed up. Hie to some Master-Soul with a prayer for breaking of the seal and then listen attentively in the silence of your heart.

Mrs Annie Besant, the great Theosophist, calls It

the Voice of the Silence

and says

[…] that the Silence becomes vocal when the mind is at perfect rest.

Christ said:

The Kingdom of God is within you,

The trouble is that we search for It without and find It not. Man in his search for God has not spared any efforts. He has looked for Him in the sacred rivers – like Ganges, etc. –, in the snow-capped mountains of Badrinath, Kailash, Amarnath, etc., in the deep recesses of the forests and in the sacred places of all antiquity, but with no success.

As the way out to God lies within, you will have to find a Master Who knows the Way and would be a guide unto you until the goal is reached. This work only a True Master can do and no one else can do it.

Now the question comes: Where can this Divine Music be contacted?

To this the Master replies,

This Divine Music is going on in Sukhmana – a central cord between Ida and Pingala, the two cords on either side, which running through the spine and passing through the centre of and between the two eyebrows, reaches directly as far as Sach Khand or Shah Rag as named by the Muslims.

It can be experienced by the soul in her deepest depths, when layer by layer the various sheaths or coverings – physical or gross, mental or subtle, and causal – are shaken off from the soul in her onward journey to the various Lokas or regions: the sun, the moon, the stars, of spirits (Pithrian), of Deities (Devian), etc.

At each stage, the Music becomes more enrapturing than before, until in Par Brahm – beyond the three Lokas – the soul becomes self-luminous in her pristine glory; then the Music too becomes exceedingly charming, in full swell with unending continuity. This is the Ajapa Jap going on at all times in an unspoken Language.

As the soul hears It she gets magnetised, with the result that the mind with its outgoing faculties is paralysed for want of the inspiration it is used to drawing from the Spirit, and gradually it loses its hold of her. The high-born maiden, being a drop of the Ocean of Sat Naam, is freed from its clutches and now moves on unhampered.

It is of course impossible to describe the sublime symphonies in so many words as they are past description for want of adequate expression.

At present every soul has, on account of constant association with mind, acquired a tendency to flow downward and outward through the outgoing faculties. It is because of this that she cannot catch the Sound Current – the Elixir of Life – within. A cup turned upside down may for ages remain in the rain but not a drop will fall into it. But if it is turned aright, it will get filled up in one or two showers.

Exactly is it the case with the soul. As soon as the Master-Soul gives her a contact with the life-giving Sound Current by turning it aright through the withdrawal of the sensory current, the lotus-like cup of the spirit gets more and more water of immortality until she gets drenched through and through and is saved forever.

Mind, you know, is ever after pleasures of one kind or another. But the pleasures of this world are all transitory and have always some sting at the bottom.

Our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught,

says an English poet.

This renegade of the mind can only be subdued if some Internal Pleasure of rapturous strains of the Divine Music – the Word – is given to it in lieu of the external one. When mind tastes the Sweet Elixir, it is diverted from the worldly enjoyments and is subdued. The soul becomes free. This is the only remedy by which the sages controlled the mind. It held good in all ages – the Golden, the Silver and the Copper, and holds good even today in Kali Yuga or the Iron Age.

The Sat is eternal. It was in the beginning, It was in the middle, and It shall ever remain until Eternity. The Divine Music of Sat is then the sovereign remedy for stilling the mind. In due course of time by regular practice the soul becomes fully absorbed into the Elixir of Naam and the mind is rendered absolutely ineffectual.

As said above, the Sound Current begins from Turya Pad when, the sensory current having withdrawn from the body, the soul enters into the Beyond.

The five strains in seriatim follow one another from one Spiritual Plane to another until Sach Khand is reached. One has to take hold of each of these strains or melodies for traversing from stage to stage until the final stage is attained. It is only here that salvation of the soul is assured and the cycle of births and deaths ends. This is the grand purpose of life, which one fulfils through the Grace of the Master-Soul.

The Master Saint Shamas-i-Tabrez says:

The Great God has turned us out and closed strongly the door behind the eyes. He Himself comes to us in the garb of a man to take us back into His fold.

The method by which He lets us in once again is explained further:

First one has to withdraw into the silence of the soul, before he begins to hear the five strains of Music. The sensory current is to be withdrawn at the seat of the soul behind the eyebrows. The journey onward begins from this stage, the seventh in the order from below. When the soul rises above the six chakras or ganglions in the Pind or physical body and starts towards Sahasdal Kanwal – the thousand-petalled lotus –, the seventh stage, she catches the first of the five strains of the Divine Music and proceeds further. There is no Naam in the lower six chakras. These in fact are the grave, from which we have to rise above and come to the point from where the Grand Trunk Road of Spirituality begins.

Another Saint says,

At the seventh stage you begin to hear the five strains of the Divine Music, when you remove the tent of the soul from the graveyard of the body, comprising the six lower chakras. From here Heavenly Music takes charge of the soul and pulls it up from stage to stage until the final consummation with Sat Purush or Sat Naam takes place.

Almost all the Saints have given the same qualifications of a True Master.

Guru Arjan says,

Accept that man as a Guru Who can give you an experience of the Truth, the Naam. That is indescribable, no doubt, but we must have some contact thereof.

In short, Whoever can tune us into the Shabd – the Divine Music.

Kabir also speaks in the same terms:

We have so many sadhus, the great ones. I have respect for all of them. But the One Who is One with the Word, and can give us a contact with that, He overtops all, and I have the greatest regard for Him.

Swami Shiv Dayal Singh Ji also speaks in the same way:

Guru is He Who has Love of Shabd and practises no other methods except that. Whoever practises Shabd is the Perfect Guru. You sit at His feet, Who will give you a contact with It.

He Who is Word Personified, Who was Word made flesh and dwelt amongst us, and can give us a contact with That, is held in high esteem by all Saints. The Holy Scriptures all speak in volumes of Their greatness.

It is through the Grace of God alone that a jiva – soul – comes across such a Master-Soul or Guide Who is well versed in the science of Surat Shabd Yoga. The Master in extreme compassion takes him into His fold and links him up with the Sound Current and thereby puts him on the Path of final liberation.

Guru Nanak says

that He is an admirer of the man Who reaches His True Home in this way.

The course of Surat Shabd Yoga, as described by Guru Nanak, is the most natural one. It can be practised by man or woman, young or old, alike. Even a child can practice it with ease. It is designed by God Himself and not by any human agency, and therefore it admits of no addition, alteration, or modification. It is God’s Law that nobody can reach Him except through a Master-Soul. This is what is given out by almost all the Saints Who came so far.

The Master teaches us how to withdraw from the body and contact the Sound Current – the Word within. There are so many ways to withdraw from the body but the one devised by the Saints is the most natural and quickest and that is achieved through Simran or repetition of the Names of God. So I would like to just give in detail something about this subject which is very important and is the first step towards going up. As far as the Word or Naam is concerned I have already given a talk separately.