Hazur Sawan Singh

Selections from Hazur’s Letters

These extracts, taken from the copies of original letters were written by Baba Sawan Singh to a disciple (now deceased) between 1923 and 1932.

I am glad to read that you have grasped the significance of service to the Sound Current and justice to yourself. Guru Nanak, a Great Saint of the sixteenth century and founder of Sikhism in the Punjab, says,

If one can concentrate his attention in the Third Eye, then he has done all the pilgrimages, devotions, kindnesses and charities.

The soul is hungry, its food is the Sound Current – called Word by Christ. It finds no rest without it. Its wandering will continue as long as it has not merged itself in the Current.


I was glad to read that you saved the child through your careful handling when the doctors had failed with their medicines. The change in diet and the surroundings had this effect. Children imbibe influences imperceptibly but most surely. Serenity and tranquillity are positive virtues, and a serene and calm mind has much more power than a turbulent vindictive spirit. Temper influences temper. That is why so much emphasis is laid on good company. Even wild beasts calm down when they come across a serene mind. Goodness is its own reward.

When the attention goes in newly and sees the Light, it cannot behold It long. It is not used to it. It cannot stand the glare, so to say. By and by, as it will become powerful, it will have the capacity to face the Light and then pierce It.

I also note with pleasure that you have no desire left to consult the astrologers or mediums. They can foretell but not alter events.


You appear a bit concerned with your slow progress. The power of the Guru is within you and is very busy in making matters easy for you. That power is far more anxious to meet you than you can possibly think. The karmic debt of many an intricate nature is to be paid and it is proper that it should be paid while in the physical frame, so that there is no stop on the way within. Your duty is to sit within and knock at the door, and the door will open. The Power within does not err. It will open when It will find that the time is come. You increase your Love and devotion and entrust yourself entirely to its care. The Power within is not ignorant of what you are doing. It is with you and constantly watches you and guides you. When your Love for that Power exceeds your Love for yourself, and the ‘I-ness’ has been replaced by ‘Thou-ness’ the form of the Guru will make its appearance visible within.


I am glad you have located the star. You may now fix your attention in it and when this is fixed in it and becomes steady, the star will burst and you will cross through it. Pain and pleasure of the devotees are in the hands of the Master. He arranges them as He sees fit. The devotees should take delight in pain, for that also is a gift from Him. A real devotee makes no distinction in pain and delight. His business is devotion.


The cluster of stars does not disappear. It is the shaky mind that wavers and loses sight of them. The spirit goes within and returns. The sky and stars that you see and the voices that you hear now are on the way to the date within. Within you will hear much sweet music, hearing which the spirit will waken up and the mind will sleep. The music that we hear in the world outside dulls the spirit but awakens the mind. On hearing this Inner Music, a spirit would not care to touch the throne of a monarch. As for anger, passion, attachment, greed and pride coming under control, that point is not reached (yet) – but when you see the astral form of the Master and when your spirit will stay in that form, the state will be yours. That music spontaneously attracts you and pulls you up.

The stage of the inward journey that you are crossing now takes rather a long time. This is the transition stage. Spirit is accustomed to stay out and you are forcing it within. The spirit is permeating in every part of the body. It takes time to collect it. When this stage is crossed the Path beyond is easy; purified spirit is attracted by the magnetic music within. […]

When you have crossed this sky, you will meet the Master’s astral form. This appears to be coming and going, but in reality it is not. It is the mind that shakes. When this form will stay, fix your attention on His face so much that you forget whether He is you or you are He. When there is so much concentration He will talk to you, answer all your questions, and shall be always with you and will guide (lead) you onward to the next step, showing innumerable scenes of the astral plane on the way. […]

After crossing the flames of Sahasdal Kanwal and going through considerable Spiritual Journey, there will come the second sky with its stars and moons and suns, which lies below the Trikuti stage. Crossing this sky you will enter a crooked tunnel – then you enter the Brahma stage, strange and indescribable.


Genuine grief gives impetus to further progress. […] St Paul is perfectly right when he says,

I die daily.

He who goes within the eye focus daily, dies daily, and for him death has no fears. […]

Keeping your attention fixed in the middle of the two eyes try to catch the Sound Current on the right, but do not go to the ear to catch the Current. If you go to the ear to catch the Current you have left the eye focus. If you stick to the focus you will soon find the Sound leaving the ear and coming from above. It will have no connection with the ear, neither right nor left. The Sound that one hears outside the focus is not pure Sound and therefore has little attractive power. The Bell Sound is the Sound that pulls up. The Bell Sound will not allow mind to run away. It will hold the mind, or rather mind will stick to It, like a piece of iron to a magnet.

You know by experience the difference in this concentration and your previous idea of concentration. So long as the attention has not left the external objects and the body below the eyes, and does not sit calmly in the Third Eye, or in other words, it has not made the Third Eye its home, the concentration is incomplete. In the incomplete state it may catch the Current for a short time but will lose touch with It again. This make and break is the transitional state.

In time it will require effort to bring the attention out from the focus to carry on the functions in this world. We are out to conquer the mind – the mind that governs the world. […] Study the intelligent man. Is he at peace? Does he know rest? Nobody is happy. We are fighting a powerful enemy.

In America you do not come across the various ways people have followed to attain Spirituality. In Europe and America, in their pursuit of ‘science’ the pioneers and their followers have made untold sacrifices. So in India, particularly – and elsewhere also –, there is any amount of ways in spiritual science. Compared with these practices, that of the Word – Sound Current – is easy. If for one reason or another, sufficient progress has not been made while alive, then the practices can be done by the astral body. If the physical, astral and causal planes have not been crossed while alive, then on he goes after death. It does not break continuity of progress.


Other minor troubles will disappear. The Sound will come. There is a combination of ten sounds here at the eye focus. Out of these catch the Bell Sound. Whatever you may see within, please keep it to yourself. If somebody offers you anything within, please do not accept it. The negative powers frequently mislead. Avoid pride and do not be flattered. Humility is the armour of the Saints and their devotees.


Source: Sat Sandesh / April 1971