Chapter IX


Perhaps it will not be out of place to explain here the meaning of the term Spirituality, which is often confused with blind faith in Sacred Books, a display of miracles, psychic phenomena, or yogic powers. Spirituality is an Inner Experience and its alphabet begins where all philosophy and Yoga practices end. It is the experience of the soul.

When one says, I am the body, it is a feeling based on the intellect and is defined as ignorance.

When he says I am not the body, I am an awakened soul, it is learnt knowledge or theory only.

But when he gets an actual experience of the soul by self-analysis and contacts the Overself, it is called Spirituality.

The first practical lesson commences when there is a complete withdrawal from the physical body through the kindness of a practical Master. No one can withdraw and separate himself from the physical body unaided. If anyone claims otherwise and thinks that he can, he but deceives himself. All attempts without the assistance of a Master, Who alone is qualified to impart this experience, will end in failure.

Masters come to distribute this treasure of Spiritual Blessings to seekers after Truth. Spirituality cannot be bought nor taught, but it can be caught by contact with Spiritual People. Moreover, Nature’s gifts, such as air, water, light etc., are free. Spirituality is also Nature’s gift and is also given free by the Masters. Likewise, Spirituality cannot be acquired from books, which is a fact all Sacred Scriptures uphold. Books are a valuable record of the Inner Experiences of others in Spirituality. They fill up gaps in history and contain messages from past Masters, which help us to verify the facts revealed by a Living Master, thus confirming our faith in the Science. Man is confused by the various translations, interpretations and expositions, each different from the other, which instead of relieving his mind, tend rather to bewilder and confuse him.

His egoism too has created hundreds of religious circles, whose aim is aloofness and narrow orthodoxy instead of Love, and insularity instead of integration. Torn between conflicting emotions, men develop hatred and think of war.

For an understanding of the Science of the Masters, we attend Satsang, where the majority of our doubts are cleared.

Direct answers from the Master will help to remove any remaining doubts. All questions receive the same calm consideration and no arguments are offered. Rich or poor, high or low, all receive equal attention in the same manner as a doctor should attend to the sick. A True Master views a man’s rights and wrongs as clearly as one sees the contents of a glass jar, but He reveals nothing. Sitting before Him, even those who do not understand His language are benefited, just as one in a perfumer’s shop enjoys the smell of sweet scents. The Master showers blessings through His looks, which the eager ones catch. His eyes are a wonderful spray of Love.