Chapter VII

Preliminary Qualifications for an Aspirant on the Way

Just as in any other science, certain preliminary qualifications are required before much progress can be made.

Married life, hard work or a poor environment are no bar. It does not count in your favour that you may hold a high position or possess immense wealth. Neither does membership of a particular faith serve as a recommendation. Wherever he may be, a man must strive for nobility of character, self-control and purity of heart. Purity of heart in thought, word and deed is essential.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

An ethical life is a stepping-stone to Spirituality, but Spirituality is, however, not just ethical living. This we must always bear in mind.

We can divide man’s life into

  1. diets and
  2. his dealings with others.

With regard to diet, vegetarianism and teetotalism are essential.

Thou shalt not kill,


Live and let live,

should be our principles in life.

The body is the temple of God and is a Sacred Place. We are not to neglect or abuse it, but should take the best possible care to properly maintain it. All intoxicants are also to be avoided as they make us morbid and of shaky consciousness.

With regard to our dealings with others, we should sow the seed of kindness in order to reap its fruit. Love and humility are most necessary.

Do unto others as you would wish they should do unto you. Love, and all blessing shall be added unto you. Love thine enemy and do good to them that despitefully use you.

God is immanent in every form and whoever loves God, must love God’s Creation. To love God is to love all humanity. We should also earn our living by the sweat of our brow and share with others. These are not empty sayings, but very wise and sound advice.