Chapter III


Man is composed of body, mind, intellect, and soul. We are extremely careful to develop ourselves physically and mentally, but understand very little about the soul, which is the power ruling both the body and the mind. Physical joys are not lasting and there are limitations of body and mind that we cannot ignore, so we must search for the perennial source of joy and peace within ourselves. Self-analysis is the first step in this direction.

Many doubts assail our minds at this stage. There is an Omnipotent Power called God, believed in, worshipped and talked about by most people. Can we know more about Him? Can we see Him and talk to Him? There is a definite and clear reply to each one of these questions, but the most convincing one comes from a Master, Who in a few brief words explains,

Yes we can see and speak to Him, that is, if we become as exalted as He is said to be.

Masters say

Yes, and we do not have to wait until death comes, but we can experience it right now.

This is in consonance with Laws of Nature of which we have as yet, no knowledge worth the name. All around us, we see, we feel that everything from the tiny atom to the mighty Universe, is governed by a Law of Nature. So, to the profound thinker, there is nothing chaotic, haphazard or uncertain about this Universe and the laws which govern it. To gain any objective, there is a Law of Nature, a principle and method involved for checking, testing and weighing the result of our endeavours. So it is too in this Science of Nature, and similar methods can be traced in all religious scriptures by any careful student, though expressed in different words and various languages.

We wish to enter the Kingdom of God, but how? we ask ourselves.

With the help and guidance of One Who has Himself entered and can guide us there,

is the simple reply from the Masters.

Is it possible?

It is a knowledge which is as exact and as sure as two and two make our,

is again Their reply.

It is not enough to be content with Holy Books and the singing of praises and hymns. We must strive for the same degree of advancement as the authors of the talks and knowledge recorded in these books achieved. Their experience must become our experience, for, what a man has done, a man can do, of course with proper help and guidance. We should stop at nothing short of this.

We have hardly a dim spark of Love for Him, will it help to cherish a hope?

is another question asked, to which the Saints reply,

It is sufficient to make you eligible for the Highest Science of approach to Him.

This is a pleasing ray of hope. Oh! If this small spark could be kindled into a flame.

Again, we say,

Jesus and other Great Masters spoke so lovingly of Him, but we are sinners and there may not be much hope for us in this age.

The Masters’ soothing reply is

No matter if you are the worst of sinners, stop where you are. There is hope for everybody, even in this crucial age.

Ages ago, Nature provided for us materially and spiritually. Today, the same unchangeable law is operating and will continue to do so in the future. There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. Nature’s inexorable and eternal law of demand and supply always works.

It is only through a Living Master that we can contact the Almighty God within us. In Sant Mat, contemplation of objects or images is not advised, as this is harmful to progress.

Photographs of the Masters are for remembrance and recognition only, and on no account should we become attached to such external practices.