Chapter II

Present Fate of various Beliefs and Faiths

The dictionary defines Mat as Wisdom, but the colloquial meaning of the term is a sect or faith, a group of people holding certain opinions or beliefs in common. Such beliefs and opinions, however, based on stray knowledge and teachings, are not sufficient without the support of personal experience, and therefore, the seeker is led astray by mere empty words. Many societies, faiths and other religious circles have only a legacy of books, beliefs and theories to offer to those who thirst after Spirituality. They conceal their shortcomings and deficiencies behind a screen of warm welcome, an outpouring of technique and terminology, and the liberal use of spiced words, phrases, sayings and quotations from the enormous mass of literature that we have on the market today. Propaganda, acting and posing, have taken the place of practical Spirituality, with the result that the deluded public is being repelled from Sacred Books and thought of God. Atheism, therefore, is on the increase.

To believe in a thing or fact without troubling to investigate it, does not in any way do credit to an intelligent man. On the contrary, it reflects adversely on his ignorance or credulity. Any belief not based on personal experience and verification of the facts, has little value. The modern man wants a well-defined, clear-cut Science, capable of verification by his own experience and giving concrete results.

We should, therefore, try to see and to hear with our own eyes and ears rather than with the eyes and ears of others.