Flame merging into Flame

Tum to palak ugharo Dinanathji

Oh Lord of the forlorn, open Your eyes; for long have I stood awaiting Your one loving look. Friends and family have turned into enemies, they shun me like poison. Except You, in this world, dear Lord, I have no friend; my boat is tossing in the sea. Restlessly I pass my days, I wither as I stand and stand awaiting You, dear Lord.

Like an arrow the pangs of separation rankle within my heart; never for a moment can I forget You. Ahilya lay in the woods, turned to stone;1 gladly You ferried her across. What is Mira’s weight compared to her, it is like a pound to a ton.2 When Ravi Das, the Perfect Master, I met, the severed twig was again joined to the tree. My Master pointed the Path as He came, the flame of Mira merged into the flame.

Mira Bai


Explanation: 1) The wife of Gautama, a Rishi in Hindu mythology. By a curse she was turned into stone and for a century lay in a Forest. When Lord Ram passed that way, she was liberated by the touch of his feet. 2) Mira means to say that when the stone Ahilya, weighing many tons, could be ferried across, then Mira, being so much lighter in comparison, should also be ferried across.