All Roads closed

Gali to charon band hui hain

The four lanes are blocked,1 how am I to go and meet the Lord? Tortuous and slippery is the path, my feet find no hold. With caution and deliberation I take my step, but again and again I stumble and fall. Steep is the climb to my Beloved’s Palace, I am unable to ascend and reach it.

The four lanes are blocked, how am I to go and meet the Lord? The dwelling of my Beloved is far, the path is narrow, hard to tread, and my soul quivers at every step. At every bend stand sentinels to stop me;2 at each step robbers in ambush lie.3

Oh Lord, what an oppressive design Thou hast wrought; in a distant land Thou hast made my dwelling, and all the roads are blocked; how am I to reach Thee, oh Lord?

The Perfect Master has revealed Mira’s Lord unto her. Mira, separated since aeons, He has brought back Home.

Mira Bai


Explanation: 1) The four lanes, according to some scholars, refer to the four paths of ‘gyan’ – intellect –, ‘yoga’ – breath control and other exercises –, ‘karma’ – action –, and ‘vairag’ – renunciation. 2) Worldly desires and attractions. 3) The five passions of lust, anger, attachment, avarice and ego.