Be steadfast

Lag rahnã lag rahnã Hari bhajan mein

Engage in the Lord’s devotion; persist in your meditation; be steadfast.

Far is the abode of the Lord, like the fruit of the date-palm tree. He who climbs and reaches the top, tastes the sweet fruit of Love. They come to ruin who slip and fall.

Why don the armour? Why seek the safety of a shield? He is the True Warrior1 who, unarmed, charges with all his might; for the Master is his armour and his shield.

With the poniard of knowledge, with the Master’s Grace as the scimitar, and with the lance of detachment, take to the field, wage the war; never will you face defeat.

Remember, your body is but fragile, composed of flesh, bones and nerves, and endowed with ten senses. Mira’s Lord alone is everlasting; to Him she is firmly tied by the delicate twine of Love.

Mira Bai


Explanation: 1) True Disciple.