Why art Thou piqued

Girdhar roosnun kon gunhan

Thou art piqued, dear Lord, pray for which fault of mine? Tell me, of my countless faults which hast Thou taken to heart, thus constantly to torment me in Thy separation’s agony?

I am from life to life Thy ever-sinning slave. A boundless ocean of virtue art Thou, my beloved Lord.

For which failing of mine hast Thou taken offence? Does not Thy heart also, in mercy, ache at my suffering?

I beseech Thee, overlook my failings and bless me with Thy darshan.1 For ages seem to have passed without a glimpse of Thee.

Mira’s Lord, Thou everlasting One, I repeat Thy Name, I long for Thee.

Mira Bai


Footnote: 1) To look at a Saint, or to receive a glimpse of Him. The root originates from the Sanskrit word ‘drish’ – to see.