Sold to the Saints

Mira bat nahin jug chani

Mira’s state is no secret to the world, try to understand, my good Uda Bai1. The Saint alone is my father and mother, He is my family, friend and guide. I tell thee, I live in surrender at the Lotus Feet of my Master2, day and night. Go back and enlighten the Rana3, I will listen not to thy sermons. Almighty is Mira’s Lord, she has sold herself to the Saints.

Mira Bai


Footnotes: 1) Mira’s sister-in-law. 2) The term ‘Lotus Feet of the Master’ or ‘Lotus Feet of the Lord’ is often used to describe the complete surrender to the Master.

Kirpal Singh says:

There is in fact no difference whatever between the Lotus Feet of the Lord and of the Master. But what do the words ‘Lotus Feet’ stand for and what do they signify? These words mean nothing more nor less than the Sound Principle called Naam, Kalma or Word, which, emanating from the Highest Region and passing through various grades of density, reverberates at the lowest level of the subtle plane at the centre between the two eyebrows; and this is what the Master links the spirit with at the time of initiation.

Wonderful is the Harmony of God, by devotion to the Lotus Feet of the wondrous Lord one becomes a Sadhu.

Guru Arjan, Sarang M5

Naam or Word – Book X / I:
(ii) The Lotus Feet of God (Naam),
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

3) Mira’s father-in-law.