The Day is short

Ab kyon kare re moorakh

Foolish wayfarer,1 why dost you delay? Take heed, the day is short and long thy way. The sun in the east has lit the torch; now is the time for thy homeward march.

Move apace, reach home ere the sun turns pale. Thy hours are fleeting and long is thy trail. Treasure the chance, don’t falter or lose heart; be free of all cares and make a start.

Reach home, and from fear and doubt be free; loitering midway, thou wilt come to misery. Foolish wayfarer, why dost you delay, long is thy way and soon will end the day.

Oh kind Lord of Mira, Thou in Thy Grace gave her a Path, short and easy to pace.

Mira Bai


Footnote: 1) The soul.