The rare Toy

Ram ramakadu jadiyun Rana ji

I have obtained the rare toy of His Name1; oh Rana,2 a precious toy have I found.

Chiming sweetly it entered my temple3; no hands ever gave it a form or shape. Great seers and ascetics toiled and toiled, but never on this toy could they lay their hands. It is beyond the plain and peak of Sunn4; ‘Imperceptible’ and ‘Inaccessible’ are the names they have given it.

To her Almighty Lord Mira does cling; in Him she rests as the gem in a ring.

Mira Bai


Footnotes: 1) His Name is another term for Naam, Word, or the Inner Music of the Spheres. 2) Rana was Mira’s father in-law. 3) The human body has been described as the temple of God by mystics of the East and also the West. 4) Maha Sunn – realm of the Great Silence, a realm each soul has to traverse until she reaches Sach Khand.

In this depressive region, Maha Kal, the highest form of the Negative – binding – Power, has put a billion deterrent obstacles in the way of the seeking soul. Only that soul which has once crossed this black emptiness with the assistance of an Adept of Mysticism can pass Maha Sunn freely from then onwards. Countless souls, each one shining with the brightness of twelve suns, live in this region, but they are not capable of liberating themselves from this bond, for, though the soul possesses such a brightness, it is overpowered by this infernal darkness and it cannot penetrate this black emptiness without the kind Mercy and protection of an Adept of Mysticism of the Highest Order.

The Soul’s Journey – Part II,
The Way through the super causal Regions

For further information please see the book ‘The Mystery of Death – III. Life in Fullness’ by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974 and the ‘Anurag Sagar’ by Kabir Sahib – Part II, 3. The Creation of the lower Worlds / Illustration ‘Cave of void consciousness.’