A Master is a Man like us

He has two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, a nose, a heart, a mouth – a physical body, a mind, an intellect and a soul.

While some of us have developed our bodies and our minds and intellects, a Master has developed His soul.

‘Oh man,’ Masters say, ‘you are suffering under a grand delusion You will have to leave the body someday, and yet you are so much identified with it, you have forgotten who you are.’

Masters come from time to time to remind us of this and to show us the Way back to our True Home, the Home of our Father.

‘Don’t you want to go back Home?’ They ask. To a Master there is no difference whether we reside in a church, a temple, a gurdawara, or a mosque. They see us from the level of the soul.

The world is never without such personages. They come in all religions and castes. They too, like farmers and office-workers, kings and peasants, politicians and mid-wives, have to leave the world someday.

Some call Them renunciates, and They say: ‘Oh man, you are the renunciate. For the sake of the world, you have given up God.’

In worldly things, we have to make a hypothesis and put in years and years of study. Even then we cannot boast that we know everything of worldly things. But by doing the other way, by directing our attention inside, we come to the root of all creation. This is the Way to God, Masters tell us.

In the old days men used to go to a Master and were made into men. They were moulded, dyed in the wool of the Master, and then were given an Inner Experience.

Today, times have changed and Masters give us some Spiritual Capital to begin with.

Masters have that experience within Themselves and are competent with a little thought of Theirs to withdraw our attention from the outside, make us rise above body consciousness and open our Inner Eye to see the Light of God.

‘Oh Man,’ They say, ‘you live in a pitiable state. Inside the house you occupy also lives God and the two of you know not the other. It is your birthright.’

How many different ways to describe such personages, such Godmen, such radiances of Love and bliss, such fountains of intoxication – as friends, as fathers, as brothers, as teachers, as guides, as men, as lovers, as Word made flesh. Words cannot gird Their breadth.

They are living books, and beside Them books are dead.

In whatever company we sit, Masters say, we will have the same radiation. If we sit by a wrestler, we will develop a real love for strength. If we sit by a learned man, our love will grow for literary things. If we sit by somebody who is overflowing with the Love of God, naturally we will have the same Love by radiation.

God radiates through the eyes of a Master, and He teaches others without any language through the eyes.

If you ask such a lover of God if He is a Master, He will say, ‘Did I tell you this? I am only a servant of my Master. It is through His Grace I am here, and God’s willing.’

Kirpal Singh