The Trail to Kirpal

Carrying the mirror in front of me, for Kal this did make no sense, he could not identify me, hidden behind the reflection of light.

Kal saw himself and believed it was I. To see his image in everyone, this is his aim. So he was content with his own mirror image.

Kabir revealed the secret; only with trust in Naam one gets safely through this Yuga. All others are captured and driven into the abyss.

He could not affrighten me. Brothers and sisters he took with him, embodiments on top of that. Their ego was too big.

Kabir says:

The Embodied Word is awakened by Shabd and will terminate the ambush by Kal.

Kabir and Sukrit he could deceive and many more, three ages he took for himself – keep the banner of Kirpal aloft – because the fourth does not belong to him.

Years passed by until Kirpal gave permission to fish now for the souls in His Name. Kal could not impede it, the play he has lost forever.

Kabir’s essence came to annihilate the traps, neutralised zeroed, so the danger is now abandoned.

Each one is allowed to go now!

The acclamation belongs to Kirpal alone!

On His hands I came into the world, carried and guided by Him. Through His hand will I go, the day is not far, I am already looking forward to it.

The seed is planted, so the seedling bears fruit, the fragrance of rose encloses each one who trusts in Him.

The trail of Greatness is for Him, laid by a good-for-nothing.

Kabir, Nanak and Par Brahm confirm:

He alone was, is and will be forever.

Bhai Jamal, Oct. 2012