Delinquents of Time

All falseness with same tones heralding, false masters and their pursuers, once upon the way1, now delinquents2.

Manhunting as amusemnet, time has taken gusto on it, Kal knows no pity.

Now the possibility to escape is great, catch the string which leads you Home, it comes from above and is to be caught from the right.

Remain still and do not move so that you right away through inactivity move on that Path that leads Home.

Be not satisfied with catching the string, become the body of sound on which He plays.

Let the Melody from Sat Lok resound within you, to rise immediately with directive, to praise Anami Lok in one step and one moment.

Daswan Dwar is not far, worshipping Him, only the One Who shows you the Path that leads Home with one step.

Shabd is the song, Naam the music and the play of light, It resounds at the Gaggan3, the sky that is hidden in your forehead.

Oh Master, teach us the Way! Let us be the brother4 for all, knowing that there is only You.

Bhai Jamal


Footnotes: 1) Once they received initiation by Kirpal Singh and were put on the Way of Surat Shabd Yoga. Bet they did not want to change special points within them and they found their not conducive attributes affirmed by ways of Kal and associated themselves with them. See the Anurag Sagar by Kabir Sahib in the version with detailed footnotes and illustrations, as it is published on this website.

2) Proclaiming the false truths of Kal and confirming his ways, they mislead other souls. The greatest blessing a man receives when he is of help for others to get one step nearer to God. The greatest sin is to get a man one step away from God.

3) Entry to the astral plane, to the upper Spiritual Realm – also called the astral heaven.

Guru resides in the ‘gaggan’ (Spiritual Realm above) and the disciple in the ‘ghat’ (between the two eyebrows). When the two, the Surat and the Shabd, do meet, they get united eternally.


4) On this the Saints say:

Know it for certain that Shabd-Guru is the veritable Guru, Surat can truly become the disciple of the Dhun by being a Gurumukh (receptacle for the Word).

Bhai Gurdas