To my Brother in Him

I saw you1 and our eyes met each other, mine were filled with tears, tears of deep move and remembrance. Remembrance that I have found a further part of me.

I listened to you even all condemned me. My life was formed through Kirpal’s blessing, your wife helped me to see the Light of Lights and now Kirpal is with me.

Nobody knows our relationship, which is a secret. Only you and me, your wife and mine know the secret behind this Love.

I saw now and then with your eyes, in Kirpal’s name I breathe and now I look with His.

Our sister came to help you. Now she escorts me as daughter and pal – a double benison.

The confusion in the hearts of the seekers is great.

Nobody knows our secret, only four, five.

Your life was an antetype, the life of the Inner Man. Your outward conduct was ambivalent, days after your departure you came in my house, there you accomplished your work secretly in one night. By the order of Kirpal noone watched.

The deliverance will come soon, as a beggar you will not end. We stick together till the end. The mob that encloses you will have to eat the fruit of its own seeds.

Stay with Kirpal, adhere on Him.

The Highest Godhood / Divinity, the perfection of Truth stays by you, now forget the mission on earth and immerge into Kirpal.

Bhai Jamal 


Explanation: 1) Harbhajan Singh.